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  added by  Fa... for  Aisha on 13 May 2019

Normally I don’t really like sex so much or should I say I don’t actually value it, I do it for fun and relaxation, it was like my recreation activity… So I kept on doing what I do best call a girl over fuck her and pay her off… Until I saw this one I didn’t really know how but she’s indeed beautiful and sexy and saucy and she smelt so yummy at the same time, so I was astonished and all that let’s caught the long story short I went in for a shower as I normally do before having sex. Then there’s she came in with the other towel wrapped around her,then when she got to the bathroom she dropped the towel on the floor and walk up straight to me then she pushed me to the wall side, that’s when the real, passionate, hot, heart warming kiss started a kissed I haven’t felt that through out my years with a woman she made me feel like a man, I felt every part of her, and then she sucked me, till I got fucking hard. Then she fucked me, every way she fucked me I felt pleasure. she is the best

  added by  ja... for  alphadick on 13 May 2019

a very lovely personality. called him to fuck my girlfriend and I. we got more than we bargained for. our pussies are still tingling from his headgame. He made me squirt like crazy too

  added by  Ad... for  Maureen on 12 May 2019

She is so accommodating dating n well approached! Av not met with her but I will definitely do dat soon! I can’t just wait

  added by  Jo... for  Sharonwet on 12 May 2019

So happy you made my day ….I enjoyed your pussy I must say
I feel real are a darling
You are an Angel….

  added by  To... for  Sharonwet on 12 May 2019

Sharon Tastes so good
Definition of a beautiful escort
Her reviews are all true,very clean and sexy babe
Pussy is so juicy sweet
Sharon handled me so well
Very good in bed,she rides so well
Thanks Sharonwet

  added by  Wi... for  Zeee on 12 May 2019

Called her up 2 weeks back but she just had an accident so I was unable to meet with her I kept checking on her till finally last night we hooked up, zeee is a very sweet girl the blow job is mad the sex is great had girlfriend experience with her I enjoyed every bit of it she’s easy to get connected with if only I could have you all to myself 😁 zee is the best. I can spend any amount to be with her sweet sweet girl squirt like crazy… If u want to have great time with an escort without regret call Zeee 😎

  added by  Tr... for  Lidia on 12 May 2019

She will not only steal your money, but steal your heart. The perfect illusion of a gf. Her other profiles are Temi and Bosslady.

  added by  co... for  Coco on 12 May 2019

I have been with other beautiful and endowed escorts on this site and was really anticipating when I will meet Coco. Unfortunately I regret it. First thing she did when she came into my house was ask for money. It was strange because it was my apartment and not a hotel and I am not mad to runaway from my apartment. Next thing she asked for a shirt. I was confused because I thought we were going to get naked and fuck. She said she needed the shirt because she is scared of hidden camera and I became more confused. I gave her a shirt, she pulled off her clothes and wore my shirt, then later went into my closet and took another long sleeve and wore it. At this time I was annoyed. Truth of the matter is, the babe is bleached up and her body is full of dark stretch marks even to her ass which is disgusting. I could not even suck her boobs because they had dark patches and the middle of her ass riddled with dark spots. Please avoid this one because it is not worth it. Try and you will regret.

  added by  wa... for  Iphy on 11 May 2019

she is one in million and i invite her for hang out and she show she is homely

  added by  St... for  Shugapussi on 11 May 2019

This should be the best escort on this site. All pictures are real, sounds nice on phone, beautiful, great companion, was also well mannered. Now down to the main stuff – She came on time to the location, and her smile, simply stunning. I had a really tough week and needed to really cool off. This lady was exactly what I need. By the time she handled me, I was back alive again. She sucked me so good, and fucked me naughty. Damn. I’m coming again dear as soon as am free again this week.
It’s your love, nonny.

  added by  Et... for  Teddymami on 11 May 2019

My experience with this escort was bomb,mehn I had a nice time with this damsel ,she’s so beautiful and neat ,number one thing I like most in a lady.she gat everything I needed ,i really did enjoyed my self with teddy.she gat my ten start cheers

  added by  Jo... for  Sharonwet on 11 May 2019

Four hours with a clean beauty like this babe is awesome,I enjoyed her so much, fresh sweet pussy, nice fragrance and has a curvy body
I really feel deep connection with her , she is soft
Pussy was wet throughout my moment with her, honestly since I came across this site I have never gotten in contact with any escort with such a sweet juicy pussy
I left satisfied and happier , she made my day highly recommended

  added by  Ud... for  Chioma1 on 11 May 2019

Super sweet girl and experience is really memorable. I can give her the whole world. Still remains my best escort

  added by  Vi... for  Izzy on 11 May 2019

I got to hear about Izzy from my friend. She told me how she got to have a feel of him recently. Oh my… It was fascinating. So, I decided to get a share. πŸ˜„
I invited Izzy over, he came looking so cute and gentle. He smells so nice too. That alone started getting me so wet for him. He touched me, I felt goosebumps all over, it was heavenly.
He sucked the hell outta me, I call him My “Head-Master” (LOL….. He must have known the person commenting now).
And yes sure, Izzy fucks so good and last long in bed. πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ™ˆ. He made love to me like I’ve never had before.
Izzy is just the ideal type of guy for every satisfaction-seeking lady out there.
I sure want some more from you Izzy darling. 😍😍😍

  added by  Ba... for  Shanty on 11 May 2019

Charming sweet girl. Pick her up from the airport with my friend and he was like guys lets do this together, you know i love boobs lol. Honestly have never in my whole life try 2sum on MMF, we get down on it and it was awesome i truly enjoyed it.
Shanty you’re really strong and not just that, you’re sweet I must confess. Can’t wait to invite you over again.

  added by  EM... for  Ivyberry on 11 May 2019

She was on point…..

  added by  Ol... for  prettydiva1 on 11 May 2019

Asked for a short stay but ended up keeping her for the night. She rode my dick so good, pussy so juicy, wet and tight. Funny how she had to wear my oversized t-shirt in my hotel room yet she still looked hot. She’s definitely worth the money and more.

  added by  Ch... for  Hornybee on 11 May 2019

Horny bee is by far the best experience I’ve ever hard. So I got her number, but I wasn’t around with her in the same state, I paid her flight ticket to meet me in Lagos, the next day she came looking so sexy, with her thick ass, we talked, she listens to well, it was more like a girlfriend experience, Damm she’s good in bed, her pussy is always wet, she doesn’t rush sex, everything went as planned, wish I can have her all to myself, I’m giving her ten stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  added by  Mr... for  Hornybee on 10 May 2019

Horny bee!!! I’m so speechless, never thought I’d register on this site, so professional, , very neat and juicy pussy, I sucked it because it was odour free, she rides dick so well, she doesn’t complain no matter the style I gave her, she squirt like a stream πŸ’¦ I will definitely come back for more because you are worth the time and money, thumbs up😻😻

  added by  Ji... for  Riri on 10 May 2019

Wow. I don’t even know what to say. So I stumbled on Riri’s profile. I didn’t know how she looked, so I contacted her. She was so respectful. She came as agreed. And she sucks soo damn good… Wow… She is truly a loving girl. Enjoyed my time with her.. I rate her 10 over 10 sef if there is any.

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