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  added by  Hu... for  Christabel on 11 June 2021

Please this girl is a scammer let’s avoid her admin take note of this I know the person with this picture she claims she is not the one…

  added by  su... for  Prettypearl on 11 June 2021

Beautiful, sexy, matured, calm, nice and neat. She is a pro in giving head. I enjoyed how her round soft ass kept bouncing during doggy. It was a nice experience and I am surely calling her again.

  added by  Ch... for  Tara on 11 June 2021

Tara it’s Chris the guy you just left at rock view,you are too good abeg. You refused sex because no cd was available but the bj was enough and satisfying. I like the way I also sucked and rimmed you. Too bad you don’t do anal would have booked you for a night but all the same it was good. I like your innocent looks , you look like my junior sis lol . Just work more on your body and you’re good. I just love uuuu babe❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You have my 100 ⭐️

  added by  Ki... for  Tara on 11 June 2021

Oh well,I had to create an account so I can drop a review of this beauty😘
This is a definition of good girl gone bad, she likes what she does and can deliver gf experience perfectly. Cozy house, neat and smells nice. She’s my regular and I can bet she’s worth any penny. So guys try her out. Have fun Tara baby😘😘😘

  added by  Sa... for  Anibaby on 11 June 2021

You had me at role play and fantasy, should be in Lagos soon.. don’t mind getting the small talk out of the way if you don’t mind

  added by  Ka... for  Jasmine on 11 June 2021

Jasmine like seriously Words alone cant express everything i want to say about you, you make me feel at home, you are just the best dear, each time I remember our moment together it make me hard and craving for you making me feel so horny, I wish I can be having you to myself everyday😋 you fucked me so badly and made me drain my last cum. You deserve more than 5 stars baby.I highly recommend her to whoever want a value for his money,what got me the most is your tight sweet tight pussy I love the way you grip my cock with it making me cum multiple times,I will work on how to have you to myself alone Baby 😍

  added by  Co... for  Preciousbaby on 11 June 2021

Sweet pussy(100%)
Anal (100)
Then let go the pussy that 1 is (EXCELLENT)Preciousbaby I can’t removeed my mind from what happen between me and you fantastic Experience I have ever had here so far she is the real vibs no doll moment with preciousbaby I feel like have you all the weekend. I want to suck those sweet boobs of yours again .preciousbaby I really enjoyed myself sincerely speaking the way she kissed me while riding on me you burst my Brain baby.

Escort Reply:

I so much Appreciate you all I can't thank you men enough with thousands of girls on codedruns you will still choose to go down with me using your data or credit calling me chatting still pay me still come back here to drop review for me what a love N kind men on coded you guys are the Best thanks for the Love and kindness

  added by  Me... for  Ijay on 11 June 2021

Wow her pussy is more sweeter than of honey bby u no how to make a guy lose his mind u are the best

  added by  Co... for  RearGem on 11 June 2021

Wow!! My goodness! Reargem is a whole lot of vibe, I have never receive blow job like what I got from Reargem, her tongue is just pure gold🤯. Bj got me cumin like mad What!! Now let talk about her riding and doggy session, I’M still shocked. The way she controls her body on me like a dancer, every move, touch , even her glance is just living rent free in my head. She’s just a piece of mind..

Escort Reply:

Thanks 🥺

  added by  Me... for  Bliss on 11 June 2021

Not only she beautiful outside she also more beautiful in bed

  added by  Pa... for  ItzBig on 11 June 2021

I love my ladies matured and hot. Pls come back have been trying the contact on ur profile but to no avail. Will really love to hangout with u

  added by  Tr... for  Tania on 11 June 2021

There has to be strong penalty on the use of fake pictures on this platform, it is truly becoming disgusting. Covering the faces of models & passing them off as your pictures must not be condoned

  added by  xc... for  Tiffani on 11 June 2021

Rude and greedy, yet won’t stop begging for a review… Smh

  added by  SF... for  BellaJuicy on 11 June 2021

She will play with you and then ask you to pay her first. After which she will tell you she want to get something, and she runs off.

  added by  Ma... for  Kimm on 11 June 2021

Fraudster Fraudster Fraudster
I don’t know why this account has not been deactivated.
Deal with this fake profile at your own risk.
You would be scammed and admin should please block or deactivate this profile. They have turned almost all escorts here to scammers

Escort Reply:

Y should the account be deactivated if u can’t pay don’t chat or call me u are actually the scammer if I am a scammer I guess lot of people would have dropped ur with pocket and leave my account alone

  added by  Ro... for  Damsel on 11 June 2021

How come she wrote Transsexual on her profile?

Escort Reply:

it’s just an error during the registration....have rectify the error
Thanks 🙏

  added by  Wa... for  Falmata on 11 June 2021

She is super sweet and clean omotosho

  added by  Tr... for  Jessi on 11 June 2021

After agreement did comply…. Just be smart wit her

  added by  pl... for  DiamondBae on 11 June 2021

she’s worth every money I spent, she fucked me so good I asked her to marry me. I’m definitely going to book her again for another session. her pussy is worth it

  added by  Ki... for  Ebony J on 10 June 2021

Baby girl check your number is not going through.

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