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  added by  Ad... for  Khadijat on 06 April 2021

Great conversationalist and smart, but her pussy ….. She’s really smart and intelligent but needs to take care of her intimate area more.

  added by  Or... for  Portable on 06 April 2021

If you don’t mind the ambience of a brothel with its attendant risk, (there are dangerous looking, weed smoking guys all around the premises.) then this girl is for you. She has good enthusiasm and takes a good pounding, she have a good vibe and sexily cute body, but still have that little bit of behavioural issues that comes with brothels’ hookers. All things considered, she is worth it. I don’t think I’ll be going back though. Not keen with being taxed by “Biggie”

Escort Reply:

Lol,”BIGGIE” keeps us and our escorts safe

  added by  Me... for  Boobsqeen on 06 April 2021

She’s got a perfect body, very tall with a body that matches the height. She’s going on bed with a nice head game. Very cool, calm and friendly. Give her good vibe and you’ll enjoy her company. She’s not stressful and she will
Make sure she pleases you. She’s one real escort that her profile cannot describe her real person. She’s more nice in person and beautiful than her pictures on here.

  added by  Na... for  Myreal on 06 April 2021

I called her after reading her reviews and now am here to share my experience
I have my never see anything like this ,a sweet season film Without End I really don’t know when I got lost in it that anal I can’t forget

  added by  Me... for  Boobsqeen on 06 April 2021

Had to resister to review her.

She’s a banger!!!! Neat and composed, calm and friendly….she’s worth more than the money honestly.

Honestly, I’m contemplating making her my GF.

  added by  To... for  CardIlizzy on 06 April 2021


  added by  Ht... for  NanaXx on 05 April 2021

She deserves a second review…..Best VC ever.She’s really cute with big clit and naughty I enjoyed watching her suck her big boobs too like it was my dick she was choking on.she was really creative and entertaining. I can’t wait to fuck her for real

  added by  Ht... for  NanaXx on 05 April 2021

She such a wonderful lady with a perfect big clit, her VC was out of this word , she gave me her best even when I wasn’t in good mood offered me some good videos for my eyes only.I can’t wait to my dick on your clit

  added by  OJ... for  BABYLAHUT on 05 April 2021

Nice escort, very courteous and knows how to handle erself very well. Thumbs up

  added by  Ki... for  Mijoko on 05 April 2021

Ur the best anal ever. Very great body and ass, we need to see again.

  added by  We... for  Khadijat on 05 April 2021

KHADIJAT I’m so lucky to have you next to me on that day in port Harcourt ‘You know exactly how to make a man feel better, beautiful and clean, sexy. ‘You make me so hot. Feel like fucking you every minutes. I’ve missed you so bad, I cant wait to have You again, she is a software of emotions, ‘Baby, you drive me wild. .I recommend her to anyone looking for a Good fun time in port Harcourt, she’s indeed good conversationalist, with a cute smile and perfect body shape… clean pussy and fucks so good,she’s just simply an amazing person, very fleshy just the way I love it, she’s very polite, calm, sweet, irritable, her head game is 100% her moans is out of this world, she is worth every penny.Best rimming I ever had she is exactly as U see. Skin 900000x clean and smooth, smells very nice,very pretty and very playful too. I wish to fuck you again on port harcourt for the rest of my life

  added by  Tr... for  Wendie on 05 April 2021

Dudes, pls stay away from this one. I’m still treating the infection from her bj. Wendie, pls do better to improve your hygiene. And pls return my perfume that you took by mistake! Thank you.

  added by  Fr... for  Fiona on 05 April 2021

She have got the vibe I have always been looking for,,,, she goes straight to the point about the meeting process and her payment. Very playful and beautiful girl. She teace me every chances she get and that what I love about her. We laughed all through and the sex was wonderful, I had to ask her if she was a Benin girl because I know how those ones can be. When she told me she was not from her I understand then why she was so perfect. It was like I was with a friend and an excort all together when it got to having sex she scored A1 too. I am still sad she didn’t stay more days because I really wanted her too but she told me I should have told her from home before coming,don’t blame me princess how would I have known you would be so sweet and are definitely coming back for the weekend I don’t mind booking before hand. I miss you already princess. Thank you for been wonderful

Escort Reply:

Awwwwww thank you so much. You were so accommodating and I enjoyed my stay.

  added by  Ju... for  HotSapphire on 05 April 2021

Woah!!! that’s really all I can say right now. This girl absolutely blew my mind. I thought the write up was all mouth but damn!!!🤯 Mouth so good, pussy so amazing, butthole so incredible. She took me so well in her ass and watching her play with my piss and cum before swallowing was just epic… She’s so small so I was a bit worried at first that she wouldn’t be able to do all I wanted but paying for the extra service was so fucking worth it cuz she took it like a fucking champ. I’m definitely seeing you again this weekend. Perhaps with your friend… Sapphire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Escort Reply:

Aww!!! It was my pleasure to please you. Can't wait for you to fill me up with your big rod again. Thanks again for the review zaddy.

  added by  Ti... for  Littlepretty on 05 April 2021

Boring experience
Waste of my time and money

  added by  Te... for  Quinn on 05 April 2021

If there’s a 7 star rating I’ll definitely give it to her🔥🔥 I enjoyed every moment with you👅💦, you kept taking this dick like a pro 🙌🏾, I like the fact we also talked 😊. You’re really fun. Can’t wait to see you soon.

Escort Reply:

Same here bby can't wait to be more of u 🥵🥵🥵

  added by  Jo... for  Brownsugar on 05 April 2021

I smoke loud and sucked her all night long. Her pussy so out of this world. Premium girlfriend experience. My body still de sweet me, I decided to try again today after the first meet. My time with her was mind blowing. Brown sugar you are adorable and don’t even deserve to be in Nigeria. Your company your sex is so out of this world. Thanks so much for the lovely time.

  added by  Gr... for  Massive_doll on 04 April 2021

She has an excellent personality, is a great conversationalist and exactly everything you want and MORE… You will never regret going with her.

  added by  Ma... for  Slimz on 04 April 2021

She is a fraud, once you send her money for sex video call, she won’t even reply you, she would go offline ans never to chat you again,

Escort Reply:

That's a lie😔

  added by  Ra... for  Mandy on 04 April 2021

This babe is the real deal..Very active,clean and knows how to satisfy her clients..She is one of the best I assure you that..

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