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  added by  Ki... for  Mollycox on 25 November 2018

I thought he was joking when he said all expenses on him, my Saturday was awesome. He took me to a food and drink event during the day and Silver fox at night. I had so much fun, only thing is he smokes and I don’t really like smokers. Adored that I had fun. Thank you.

  added by  Ar... for  Jane on 25 November 2018

waste of time and money

  added by  Bu... for  Kabo on 24 November 2018

If you know you are sobar and you need someone who is more than sex machine,kabo is the best guy for you,i never want to register this site but the pleasure i got from him even want me to leave my 2minute husband…. everything about him is real and perfect but be warned if you cant handle a big dick dont contact him.

  added by  Ki... for  Ice Queen on 24 November 2018

She told me she’s a Queen and should be treated as such. Lol. My first time of using this site and first of all, her pussy is clean af! The bed was soaked from all her cum and she told me she hasn’t squirted yet. When she eventually did, It was like opened tap lol. Im totally totally drained! After she left, I slept like 10hours! I just had to register to drop a comment

  added by  Ta... for  Drinpinglove💦👅 on 23 November 2018


I called her on tuesday (20 Nov 2018) for an “over night” meet on wednesday in Kaduna which she agreed to. She requested #3000.00 for transportation which I sent to her via mobile app transfer.

Maryam didn’t show up on wednesday. I called her phone and it was switched off.
On Thursday she sent me a message with the flimsy excuse that “her phone was bad”. We rescheduled our meeting for thursday and again she was a no show.

I requested for a refund of the #3000.00 and am still waiting…


  added by  Be... for  Mabelwetpussy on 23 November 2018

I promised myself I would leave a review if she stood up to previous reviews I read. I have been following her in the chat rooms and was already looking forward to meeting her. I just wanted to meet this ‘escort’ who always spoke about the difference between an escort and a prostitute. Not kidding, she’s a REAL escort. We attended a formal event together because I didn’t mind the company. She’s beautiful, very smart and sexy. She was able to converse intelligently with my colleagues. I felt proud. I’m not going to talk about what happened after because grown men don’t spill. Thanks Mabel!

  added by  os... for  Tom Max on 23 November 2018

Read his reviews, called Max and booked him for an hour, asked him to come meet me on the island but on seeing him, I was stunned!! He’s very tall, slim, caramel skinned and cute. He is very free, matured, calm, funny and open minded. And the sex? He has a big nice dick but also has something i don’t understand. He fucking knows how to use his tongue and dick. All my life i’ve never been so pleasured and satisfied with sex. Ended up spending the whole night with him. The dick was too good to let go. Max gave me all i needed and i’m so fulfilled. Can’t wait for our next meeting. Will make you mine soon!! I Love you boy!!

  added by  Em... for  Kylie on 23 November 2018

Kylie is a sweet nice girl so neat she gave me the hottest blow job ever her tight wet pussy is bomb she doesn’t complain am gonna definitely see her again I can’t get enough of her….calm and hot with her beautiful complexion hot smooth butts she worth everything.

  added by  Sh... for  Anni on 22 November 2018

Anni gave me the best sex ever, didn’t know I could reach climax the way I did with her. She has a very sweet mouth , a tight and clean pussy and her skills & services are topnotch. I want more of her already…

  added by  Ju... for  Berry on 22 November 2018

He is the real deal,neat with excellent manners,a nice sucker too.He tongue fucked me so well,Never had a guy hit my cervix like he did, he was never tired worked on me all night. As a sex maniac I’m still wondering how he got me exhausted.
I had a great time with him, he really knew what he was doing and took charge of the whole night
it was all-night fun & pleasure, and i surely will call back soon. Also, i advise ladies to try him out – you will love it (take that from a sex-loving hot lady)…

  added by  Na... for  Khloe on 22 November 2018

What can i say that hasn’t already been said, Khloe is a stunning young queen. very real, no bullshit no fakery.
You really need to be with her to understand what i mean , she is so sweet, so pleasing to touch, the mere contact of her skin against mine sends electric shock to my brain.
First girl ever that made me cum before we could even hit.her skin,her palms, touching my dick was so much for my heart and brain to bear.Her sex and romance game is tip notch.

I woke up a few times through the night to admire this beauty. she is truly incredible,she is incredible hot and thick couldn’t help with what to do after sex,she definitely had more to offer after meeting her, just had to make her a friend,I would be seeing you again dear..

  added by  FO... for  SHARON on 21 November 2018

Nice profile how can we meet up

  added by  Sh... for  Sucre on 21 November 2018

Wow. What can I say. I add doubts at first but she cleared all my doubts. Ended up paying more than I wanted to. She is clean and sexy. Then the sex was great. It was epic to see her squirt all over

  added by  Th... for  Dandy on 21 November 2018

Wow. Never thought I’d be the one to add a review. I’ll go straight to the points. First of all, his pics are all 100% real, but he looks way better in person if you ask me. Trust me, his pics don’t do him enough justice on here. Just don’t stare him in the eyes for too long lol. Secondly, he’s very neat. Especially down there. Clean and shaved. Just how I like it. Never really planned on sucking him off but I guess he deserved it lol. Called him pretty late but he was right on time. Such a sweet mouth. We talked about everything from music to movies to relationships. He kinda seems to know everything lol. And his dick game is incredible. For real. Believe you me, I could go on for hours on how dynamite he was in the sack. Dude is worth the money. Every penny. Already booked him for my birthday next month. Can’t wait.

  added by  tr... for  naomi on 20 November 2018

I must confess this lady is cool headed n fun to be with, we had great time n my friends thought we are actually dating. I love how she fucked n suck my cock. She asked me to get ice cream, I never knew she was going to use it on me. Guys check her out, she is not flashy but got this charm u will love. Can’t wait to finger you while I suck ur juicy pussy. Hugs n kisses

  added by  Mu... for  Iniobong on 20 November 2018

Very professional, very friendly, amazing sex…will definitely find her again.

  added by  Ji... for  Thelma Tomson on 19 November 2018

Her pics are real. A very cute exciting lady with an infectious smile.
She has an excellent attitude and she can keep a conversation going really well.
We spent a couple of hours including having lunch together and there was really no dull moment.
If you are looking for that unique girlfriend experience then Thelma is the girl for you.

  added by  fa... for  Tom Max on 19 November 2018

Max wasted my time and money for hotel, guess his hands got ties choosing me and another client i suppose. Cos after that one disappointed him he called to ask for location but it was too late. He called to apologize tho!!! Will give you another try this weekend. Someone referred you to me like i told u and i wanna confirm if she over hyped you. *kisses**

  added by  ad... for  Olawale on 18 November 2018

He’s very good. Am so happy I called him. He has a big dick. He sucked me hard and fucked me like have never before. Olawale is a very good escort guy. I think he knows what his job mean to him. Love you boo.

  added by  Ob... for  Kylie on 18 November 2018

Kylie is intelligent, very personable and great to be with. She makes you feel relaxed. She’s beautiful inside and out. Enough said.

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