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  added by  An... for  Beautybrown on 10 March 2019

[DISPUTED]Fake pictures, use your own pictures, admin please do something about this.

ADMIN RESPONSE:She is verified. Those are her REAL PHOTOS.

  added by  Vi... for  WildB on 10 March 2019

I got to give it her,she is good in what she does. BJ was mind blowing, romance is perfect,and she has good communication skill. Its Vicky baby. Definitely getting back to her soon…..😋

  added by  Em... for  Teddymami on 10 March 2019

Wow mehn I had a great night yday,i invited teddymami to come see me, mehn this girl is fucken sexy nd clean.nd to end it all she’s so caring and romantic, she even got me some chocolates .i shared them wit her we talked,kiss play, fuck and had a cool warm bath. Teddy gave me a girlfriend experience. She was so free wit me which I like so much. Wow she really made my night.. Tanks sweet teddy for making my night special .cheers love

  added by  Vi... for  Nickpet on 10 March 2019

She fucking good . She knows how to handle a man, she gave something she hasn’t don before in her life….. anal sex…she cried oh …it cool now .Those are unforgettable experience . I really like her. This beautiful damsel have a nice home training.she jokes alot and smile alot anytime I try to get her angry indirectly she go just dey smile like say she win jackpot. nickpet thanks for the weekend .two days with you is like a year.

  added by  Yu... for  HappyBeauty on 09 March 2019

Just here for the money, not a professional escort.. no skills, Too boring to be with.

  added by  Od... for  Sweetprincess on 09 March 2019

Amazing escort experience. Her pussy was so tight and her boobs and nipples just right. She was so good I had to cancel my trip and spend an extra night with her. Will definitely see her soon again

  added by  Ch... for  Olawale on 09 March 2019

He’s a very good fucker. He knows how to handle a lady, he gave me 3 rounds. Those are unforgettable. I really like him. Can’t wait to take his big dick one more time. Kudos to you.

  added by  Mi... for  Nazzy Chocolate on 09 March 2019

All correct. blissful, cool time with her….. The conversations were very interesting and she was ready for it. cool bod too. Highly recommended for a second chop next time am around town.

  added by  To... for  Sharonwet on 09 March 2019

Doctor’s prescription…..
Greatily recommended ✔️

  added by  Ca... for  Crush on 08 March 2019


  added by  Ja... for  Barbie on 08 March 2019

She is the real deal, pussy is tight and refreshing as fuck, body of a baby soft like nothing have ever seen and her ass OMG. In all Mind blowing Experience worth every dime. See you soon B.

  added by  Mi... for  Gifty on 08 March 2019

smelly and dirty….. very disappointing.

  added by  Pu... for  Miss Ella La Naughty on 08 March 2019

This Ella babe is the best escort so far on this site. She offers all services and much more with a touch of class.
BJ on point, she gave me anal and I rimmed her hard without complain. She took the whole dick in her asshole.

Definitely gonna hookup with you soonest.

  added by  Gb... for  Dijah on 08 March 2019

I met this lady few hours ago and I am still reeling from the experience.

Dijah is clean, very friendly and welcoming person. was really responsive in her replies while setting up the meeting and flexible with timings. Her pussy is so tight that it felt like I was fucking a virgin. She arrived on time. and with her natural looks,she was more stunning in person than in pictures.

Her bj is so on point and she rides like a sex god. She is so flexible and can do any style u want.

We will do it again when I am free again.

  added by  Ga... for  BabyT on 08 March 2019

She is clean, very friendly and welcoming person. BabyT was really responsive in her replies while setting up the meeting and flexible with timings. She arrived on time (Mind you, she works with no African time) and with her natural looks without too much make up,she was more stunning in person than in pictures.

  added by  ja... for  Dijah on 08 March 2019

A friend referred me to this site and said i should check the reviews before i hookup with the escort. so i chose this lady after reading her reviews.

she is everything you want in a lady: a lady in the street and a freak in bed. i had a perfect time.

Thank you so much Dijah.

  added by  Fi... for  Nipple on 08 March 2019

Her skin is smooth, soft and she is a beautiful young lady. She is good at it. I enjoyed my outing with her. I wish it never ended I will surely go back for more.

  added by  Je... for  Cassey on 07 March 2019

I have met cassey twice…. first time was appetizer. I needed more .she is friendly.good sens of humour…and a hot case in bed. The way she touch you, will blow you brain off. She knows what a man like .can be very naughty without asking,she is one of the best goddess I ever experience. Very open minded in case you have special request just ask for it .it will be a extra cost but you will be fully satisfied. I warmly recommend this extremely professional escort.

  added by  Od... for  trisha on 07 March 2019

After reading the first review I was skeptical about her. But from the moment we met I knew the review was wrong. She’s beautiful and her boobs are wow that I couldn’t stop fucking it. Her Pussy is the best I have fucked, so wet and tight. I am definitely having another session with her when in town

  added by  Ra... for  Teddymami on 07 March 2019

Teddy is a nice sexy diva, she’s respectful and clean.mami is good at all her services,she gave me a nice massage I didn’t ask for, after then I tasted her sweet soft nipples,her body so soft and sweet. her skin so fragile nd spotless teddy gat a tight juicy sweet pussy .and she can be crazy on bed,mami gave me the best blow job ve ever had, the way she was handling my balls. It was making me go wild as if I was in a wonder land.thanks sweet teddymani for making me not to regret having you around my sweetest

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