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  added by  An... for  Ashley on 22 November 2020


  added by  Ad... for  NYMPHO on 22 November 2020

Not Impressed, went with high expectations… Too much distractions, Had to wank myself out.

Money well wasted.
Great conversationalist though

Escort Reply:

I'm sorry,but you did enjoy the one can't say an early morning disastrous romp should warrant a "waste of koney" comment....i satisfied you the night before.
.I'm sorry I'm not a morning person...and definitely not a wham bam kinda can't whip out your big schlong and proceed to stick it inside of me without proper librication or foreplay...i was dry mahn...even told you...but......oh well!.....πŸ–€ always

  added by  Ed... for  Prettypetite on 21 November 2020

Great personality, wonderful in every sense of it. Looking forward to meeting you again πŸ’‹

  added by  Pe... for  Berries on 21 November 2020

How much is bride price in your village

Escort Reply:

Lols you wanna marry me already

  added by  Le... for  Sugarpussy on 21 November 2020

Very good experience. She’s down to earth and fun to be with. Definitely knows how to make a man hard without even touching..Though we met for a very short time but she gave me wow service without any bad attitude. I’m guessing her speciality is deepthroat and handjob because the experience was breath taking and her pussy was slippery wet at all time.s.

  added by  Ic... for  juicycassie on 21 November 2020

This girl is just confused, doesn’t plan schedules at all

Escort Reply:

After planning schedules and rescheduling?
I think you're the confused person sir!

  added by  Ic... for  Rachybee on 21 November 2020

Doesn’t care about your needs, just there to collect the money and go. Very insensitive, lazy and inconsiderate. Had to dismiss her before she created a scene or accuse me of rape. So sad

  added by  Na... for  Iniobong on 21 November 2020

A classy and gorgeous lady. She is quite good and very homely. She is good at what she does. Will make you come for more and your happiness is guaranteed. Thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ baby

Escort Reply:

Thanks sweetie πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  added by  Us... for  Sexybella on 21 November 2020

She is real and also on time , real value for my money , soft skin girl , I cant wait to hold that curvy body of yours πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  added by  If... for  Jenyboobs on 21 November 2020

Just wen I thought that I have seen it all, wow the biggest boobs that I have ever seen, with such a nice video call

Escort Reply:


  added by  So... for  Cruze on 21 November 2020

I promised to drop a review after the 2 days we spent this week…he gives the best cunnilingus😍πŸ₯° and knows how well to use his big dick😍 to give u the best explosive sex you ever craved for. I am truly satisfied sexually……adding to him being handsome, he is a real gentleman. I really recommend him ladies, just get a feel and taste of his dick in action. Give him a call

Escort Reply:

I'm pleased you did your promise. Thank you, ma.
You are the best.

  added by  JC... for  Bella on 20 November 2020

Please include reachable number on your profile

  added by  JC... for  Bella on 20 November 2020

Please include reachable number on your profile

  added by  Pa... for  Brianfucks on 20 November 2020

I promised to give him a review since but I kept procrastinating.Well,he has a lovely personality.He understands that escort services is beyond just sexing a woman good.He went the extra mile in rolling with my sexual kinks.I guess it’s not so much to say he’s a complete package.

  added by  Pr... for  Belladonna on 20 November 2020

Belladonna is a very nice and respectful lady whom you’ll feel so comfortable with and you can really be your self around her as she gives the best girlfriend experience, she’s got a sweet tattoo in sweet places where Every time you watch her bend over that ass it looks so hot that you get an instant hard-on. She has the most amazing boobs, a very tight pussy and Just thinking of them right now puts a smile on my face. she gives the best blowjobs and will ride you like her life depends on it. She’s worth everg penny and more.

Escort Reply:

πŸ₯°πŸ₯°ure darling too so nice and calm thanks for ur time thouπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  added by  Ne... for  Dolly on 20 November 2020

Your number is not correct kindly make corrections

  added by  Pr... for  ronpiper on 20 November 2020

I called him this morning for massage. Belive me he did more than I expected. Waooooo I’m totally free now. He made ma laugh eeehπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. He’s so friendly and a conversationalist,we gisted and had fun as if we had known each other for long. I really had a good sex from him. After the massage, see how I squirted when he sucked my boobs. Waoooo😍😍😍😍 See u next week darling

Escort Reply:

Really so glad you enjoyed my company, the body massage and the sex.You are a wonderful host and do thank you so much for the hospitality and looking forward meeting you again. Much love😘

  added by  Jo... for  Richie on 20 November 2020

This babe is hot! Very receptive and will do anything. I’m not patronising any other escort besides her.

She’s my forever fantasy.

  added by  Of... for  Alwayshorny on 20 November 2020

Thank you so much Sweet girl, sweet pussy , aaah very sweet sweet girl ..the moment you use the ice cream gelato I bought on my dick oboy I cum Hahahaha never believe until I see looking for an amazing girl ?? Alwayshorny anytime ! Would definitely recommend her pussy is Golden nice job πŸ‘

  added by  Be... for  Belladonna on 20 November 2020

I had a nice memory with her , she is so mature and friendly, freaky 😁 and knows how to treat someone good . Trust me you have nothing to worry about if she is around you will enjoy every bit of her while she is with you.

Escort Reply:

Thanks dear ure a nice person too so generous and genuine I would love to be meeting someone like u in my life everyday πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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