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  added by  Rh... for  Michael007 on 13 October 2018

Nice guy, very calm and polite on phone, but too money conscious. Really wanted to see what’s special about you though.

  added by  Je... for  ZANDA on 13 October 2018

Time waster!Booked an appointment with her but she refused to turn up, only to start calling at late hour after wasting hours.Mostly fake pictures posted here also.Difficult for her to share her real pics and sounds like village girl.In all she’s not worth the money she’s asking for here.

  added by  Jo... for  Jonathan on 12 October 2018

I’m short of words. Joe is a perfect gentleman, charming , very very big dick and lemme just say he made me cum 3 times and he is fun to be with. I’m keeping him definitely

  added by  Pa... for  Mabelwetpussy on 12 October 2018

Best body on body massage EVER. She really soothed my body and wrapped it up with some mind-blowing sex. She’s queen of her craft.

  added by  Bo... for  Tom Max on 12 October 2018

I called Max cos of what I saw on his page and his reviews. He was so meek and calm, we agreed on meeting and i sent him transport. 10mins to the agreed time, his call came through that he was already outside our meeting place. Max is so Tall and Cute!!Real but kinda old pictures on his profile!! But that is nothing till you see him naked with his fully erect dick….He has a thick long dick with cap that suited my needs. Max made me cum twice before him. This guy is outta this planet. I firmly recommend him…I actually had to tip him for some extra time….Didn’t wanna Let go.. Will be calling you again soon, this time for the weekend!!!

  added by  Ad... for  Tom Max on 11 October 2018

Hmm… Where do i even start from? I called Max at around 7pm last night for an hour service but when i saw this tall slim figure, FUCK! Max is cute!! We got started and when he unleashed his dick, i couldn’t help but suck on it. Max gave me a nice foreplay and the sex was outta this world, he made me climax. The dick was just too good to let go i had to go beyond my budget and make him stay overnight. We had sex till i was fully exhausted. Once again Max thanks for the Orgasm… Will definitely call you when next i come to Lagos. You deserve more than a 5 star rating honey…

  added by  Ji... for  EstherGold on 10 October 2018

Pretty cool ,good conversationalist and smart. After the act , we talked at length and I so enjoyed the conversation that I offered to drop her off while we chatted.

If you are looking for that unique girlfriend experience you would find it in her.
Will definitely see her again.

  added by  Bu... for  MissSoftAss on 10 October 2018

Arranged for us to meet but she failed to show up with no apologies whatsoever. Her line was switched off when it was time for us to meet. Chatted her up later but got no response. Don’t waste ur time on this one.

  added by  Ye... for  Tom Max on 10 October 2018

I wanted to spend just few hours with Max but we ended up spending the whole night. Good communication skills and very playful boy. Best moments I have had In a very long long time and will never forget, Like i told you, U broke a record by making me reach Orgasm for the first time. I didn’t know when I gave him almost double his bill… The dick was just too good. I’ll be privatizing you soon and I mean it. Did I mention he is so fucking finer and fresher than the pics?? YEAH the DICK!!!! He has a nice long and big dick and does know how to use it, I sucked on his big and sweet dick.

  added by  Ha... for  Muna on 09 October 2018

Nothing turns me on like a girl who is smart. This girl is everything. I wish I can take her back to London with me. She can relate with almost any subject you bring on, LOL, even Yahoo Yahoo. Lmfao. She’s so good, if na street she dey, English so clean and then so classy. The sex of course was out of this world. Man, can she ride. Damn! Muna will always be my go to girl whenever I’m in town. Take 10 star please. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  added by  Le... for  Kylie on 07 October 2018

Kylie is super cute! From the moment we spoke on phone, until the time I saw her in Abuja, I could only imagine how cute she could be. Seeing her, she blew me away. And the sex is way out of this world. She is so sweet. The pussy is so tight. And the anal was the bomb. She took all with so much happiness. This babe is 200%! She is the best. It was hard saying good bye to Kylie, but I hope to have her back to Abuja soonest. Guys don’t miss this one!!

  added by  Be... for  Doris on 07 October 2018

Had a wonderful time this afternoon
Good music
Amazing sex
Happiness all through !!!
Really looking forward to having an anal with you tho….
You have to reconsider us oooo

  added by  Ob... for  Mariama on 07 October 2018

Perfect !, i like this chick.
very sweet girl. I was totally amazed. enchanted by her sweet smell, angellic touches , and a fucking great sex.
No messing around , she can take a pounding .
Thank me later.

  added by  Je... for  Michael007 on 07 October 2018

I chatted Mycake(Michael) up due to a review I read about him yesterday and we hooked up later that evening in my friends house, looking at the pictures, I didn’t expect too much but when he showed up and was calling me, we peeped through the window and OMG, I became honey immediately I saw the tall huge fine physique, hmmm, the hug was so warm I couldn’t wait to get him in. He sure knows how to treat a lady. He got me flooding and begging for big D like a loosed child lol. His soft hands work magic. But I think alcohol puts him in the best mood lol(I promised him an honest review). I won’t say too much before someone tries to steal him forever. Mycake, you know my schedule so you know whats up 😘

  added by  Mi... for  brown2 on 06 October 2018

If you’re looking for that one girl that will ride on that dick like crazy, burst your head with that sexy moaning, that succulent cute sexy looking boobs and pretty dark skin, then I recommend this hot stuff for you. Fun to be with, good with keep up conversations, good attitude and always horny Lol… If you’re strong enough to go multiple rounds, then this is your match. I’ll surely meet her again…

  added by  Ke... for  Muna on 06 October 2018

This review is long overdue but better late than never…we chatted for a bit before we finally met and ‘‘twas instant attraction at first sight!!!
She is good mannered, down to earth and a sweet heart for a GFE. We talked, laughed and fucked like couples in heat!!
Would give it all again to be with you!!!
It’s ya zaddy again!!!

  added by  Ab... for  Mabelwetpussy on 05 October 2018

Mabel deserves 10 stars. I actually contacted her after I read a review of her. She has a clean, fat pussy that’s everly wet. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s indefatigable. Smells nice, funny and intelligent. I’m coming back for more that’s for sure.

  added by  Af... for  Muna on 05 October 2018

I have so much to say about this girl. we chatted for weeks before I came in. She’s so smart, down to earth, decent. I had so much fun I didn’t want her to go, I ended up spending extra 2 days with her and it was very worth it. I’ll definitely hit her up again anytime I’m in Lagos.

  added by  Mr... for  Michael007 on 04 October 2018

Omg!! I want Michael for keeps, he is so sweeeeet. I intended we spend just few hours together but we ended up spending the whole day. Best moments I have had In a long long time, I didn’t know when I doubled his pay, lol, I guess I am dickmatized. I won’t stop till he deletes his profile from here 😁 and I mean it. Did I mention he is so daaamn finer and fresher than the pics?? No wonder I sucked on his big and sweet dick. Michael you are mine forever. 😘

  added by  ju... for  Hornyslaybee on 03 October 2018

HSB!…Damn! what a memorable experience…This young lady is gonna take your breath away. She can sustain a very good and sexy conversation, complete GFE…she is an epitome of erotic sex!!!…she will blow you away with mega heads. Great at 69 position…she enjoys sex a lot and she frees herself to cum or squirt whenever it calls for it….and Oh, did I mention how tight the pussy is? At a point I had to ask if I were in the pussy or the ass…so so tight and wet….If I need to do this again, I will definitely call ONLY her!

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