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  added by  Ga... for  Floxy on 22 July 2021

Sweetest company ever,
If you ever in PHC and you never bang this babe you dey miss for sure

  added by  Za... for  SweetBelina on 22 July 2021

Great company and beautiful conversations…

  added by  Te... for  Sissybitch on 22 July 2021

I called sissybitch up in the middle of the night (12:37am)that my husband wasn’t around and I was so honey that I needed a big Dick to fill my wet pussy…I was skeptical about sending sissybith the transport upfront but to my surprise , he came in less than an hour… he’s very respectful, calm and playful…he knows how to suck a pussy so well and his sex was just so great that I ended up getting tired of his huge dick…I just how to drop this review for you this morning because you really made my night…I will love to have you again whenever my husband isn’t around, this time I will be fully prepared for you (I’m not going to get tired)..

  added by  Co... for  SexyBianca on 22 July 2021

Meh!!! Firstly I met sexybianca on this site ,I thought she’s a scam as the review earlier said so I decided to try her out , I chatted her and we got along I paid her for her sex videos call and it was so nice like the way is squirt made me cum over myself I couldn’t held it , then I invited her to my house mehn this girl is so good on bed having an innocent face with a sex good skill. Thanks so much dear I wish to enter that you sweet juicy Pussey once more !!! Your so sweet

Escort Reply:

Thanks dear ❤️

  added by  Mi... for  Bigbaby on 22 July 2021

Hi. haven’t met you and was going to do so but was confused by your pictures. I do know that the third picture, with a fan inside, belongs to Thickvenessa. Do use your real pics so that one can make a choice as i believe you are pretty as you are. Cheers

  added by  El... for  DorahBby on 22 July 2021

My sweet sugar…sweet like honey….I had a nice time with you tonight 😩those blowjobs were so hot and cool….got a very sexy and juicy lips too….you know me already

Escort Reply:

You such a nice and caring dude, really love you for that ❤️

  added by  ke... for  CherishTongue on 21 July 2021

Hmm! Cherish baby, I feel jealous dropping this review here, but I cannot be selfish 😂. She’s so well behaved and well-spoken. Indeed they say good things come in small packages, her head game is top-notch, she gave me the best head I have had in a long time. Damn! it felt like it was connected to my brain, I can’t explain the feeling. The sex was great, money well spent no regrets

Escort Reply:

Thank you sugar ❤️

  added by  Sa... for  marymary on 21 July 2021


She appeared all innocent. Till she took off her clothing and showed me those perky boobs.

Super cute and freaky. Good conversationalist and fucks well. I had a swell time with her.

Can’t wait for the planned threesome with her friend 😁

And the pussy is maad!

Escort Reply:

Sugar daddy🥰

  added by  If... for  Myreal on 21 July 2021

Good girl that obey orders
I love everything about you, I nice girl with no stress she can be anything you want her to be, just like in the movie play diffrent Roll, the way you turn into a naughty girl drives me crazy, what a lovely lady, am saying this you have the best anal game in the world, I I have fuck some many lady’s both white girls but you win them all with your anal sex, am saying thank you so much,

  added by  On... for  Hanniel on 21 July 2021

Respectful, nice, patient, conversational and punctual. I really enjoyed every second spent talking with her. Thanks for being so understanding. See you soon in Canada 🇨🇦✈️😃

  added by  Bo... for  Nikkie on 21 July 2021

This girl ass is dope, fucking the pussy so so sweet

  added by  Jo... for  Kay on 21 July 2021

She is so cute, sweet and accommodating!!! Nothing beats that, met her today and she was incredible!! Love her soft moans……
Thanks for taking care of me today
You are doing well

  added by  ja... for  SweetLiLy on 21 July 2021

Honey, I am so pleased to have met with you and I am so greatful that you destroyed every bit of my doubts and treated me like a King. I must confess that your Anal Sex is what keeps driving me crazy each time I remember how hot it was with you. Even though it was only for an hour, I already feel like I do not need to look anywhere else anymore when I now have you. Thanks for the beautiful moments spent with you, SweetLiLy.

  added by  Tb... for  Precious on 21 July 2021

Hmmm,there are alot of good stuffs to say about precious, she is the bomb, an experience with her make u want more and more and more. Shez very jovial and comply, the ass jiggles and so soft damn, u would literally fall in love with her. Every dime spent is worth it

  added by  Fo... for  Eleganz on 21 July 2021

GraceLola, can you please forgive and let’s talk again? You seem to be still very mad at me despite my pleas. I’m very sorry for the hurtful words and I want to talk to you. I’ve greatly missed you and need a lot to share with you. Please unblock and call me I beg you in God’s name🙏. Thank you babe I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. I’m so sorry once again from the depth of my heart.

  added by  Ma... for  Bianca on 21 July 2021

You don’t reply Whatsapp messages. Then you are not ready. Don’t you know for the sake of discretion and not talking/negotiating with an escort over phone that someone might hear is why most prefer Whatsapp. I know there are lots of time wasters but it’s one of the things you have to deal with in every business related stuff. Better start replying oh. There are serious people there

  added by  Tb... for  Precious on 21 July 2021

Shez is the bomb and also a professional,you never can go wrong at her services, very cool headed and jovial,get ready for an experience of a life time

  added by  Ad... for  Juicy on 21 July 2021

The boobs are so huge and so sweet for fucking.I love the doggy style I must’s nice meeting you here

  added by  Br... for  SexyBianca on 21 July 2021

This girl is a scam..i sent her moni for her sex videos and she sent clips from a porn site not even her..blocked me and i lost moni to not contact her.

Escort Reply:

You contacted me ask me if I do sale prerecorded videos I said yes u paid me I sent u my video and u said I sent u a video from porn y didn’t I include my face oga are u okay who on earth will include her face on a sex tape and u block me I did same and u came here saying I am a scam did I eat ur money and I didn’t send u any video?? My dear you really don’t have what to say ,

  added by  U... for  Amai on 21 July 2021

I have been with this girl for the forth time now, she is very calm person

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