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  added by  Hi... for  Bsg on 27 February 2021

she very perfect and good thank you
and she very real ,I really enjoyed the sex vc it was very nice. that why am giving her 5 stars. ✌💣😋😉

  added by  Pa... for  Quincypuss on 27 February 2021

You are the best when its comes to VIDEO SEX, I love the way mourn, your naughty words made me cum under 5mins , very wetty and juicy pussy.. guys try her and you wont regret it !! You are my best and I will always come back for more , you deserve morethan 5star

  added by  Aa... for  Bustyberry on 27 February 2021

I guess its partly my fault for not enquiring ..but services are listed so that clients won’t have to ask what you offer…writing down services and after coming over you say you no longer offer basically a type of scam.
but overlooking that major critical part she is neat and clean assuming all those services don’t matter to you and you need someone who will just come and open leg for you ..??

  added by  Sa... for  Blackpanty on 27 February 2021

Freak Clean sweet and professional that what you are
Your anal has top my game

  added by  Th... for  Pinksugar on 27 February 2021

My kind of meat hope to meet you someday honey

  added by  VA... for  Dove on 27 February 2021

she’s the best ,sweet in the middle. damn…..she made daddy cry like a baby and asked for more. #pussy🔥☝🏾❤💋💋🥰

  added by  Ch... for  Bettyboobs on 27 February 2021

Dope video sex came in minutes after wanking lol… Real chic, courteous! Looking forward to seeing you soon

  added by  Hi... for  Bella on 26 February 2021

for how long are you going to be scamming people. it very funny 3k for that matter. how long will it last for you .am too big for that dear ,have a wonderful fake lifestyle . please don’t waste your time for this thief. she call me and tell me sorry. their are people you can eat their and good free.

  added by  Mi... for  Amai on 26 February 2021

Small but mighty .She is the real deal

  added by  Mi... for  Kezzypussy on 26 February 2021

She is sweetooo ,clean ,nice body and ass but wants you to hurry up .u need to change that lol

  added by  Ka... for  Falmata on 26 February 2021

Sweet cunt, you’re indeed a sex goddess I had to sign up to be able to drop this review, you’re the best I have had. See you on Wednesday 💋

  added by  Go... for  Mayalove on 26 February 2021

Sorry are in Libya or Nigeria, because you’re using Libya number

Escort Reply:

Am in Nigeria dear

  added by  Fe... for  Sugarkenny on 26 February 2021

You must have driven all your teachers insane once you hit puberty,I will also give up masturbating forever just to see you naked right every seconds.😘

  added by  Un... for  Jasmine on 26 February 2021

Jasmine is awesome. The pussy was really juicy and clean. She’s really good at what she does. Hit her up she’ll take care of you very well. I told her it felt like I was in heaven 😂

  added by  Ra... for  Slimzqueeny on 26 February 2021

I’m short of words, 10/10. What you see is what you get, girlfriend experience, performance all are perfect. BJ is out of this world, the riding was something else and hygienically perfect. You deserve more than 5 Star. I will see you again and again. Thanks for last night.

  added by  Hu... for  Favourx on 26 February 2021

She pretty cool and classy. If you are looking for that unique girlfriend experience, she is the one for you. Exciting time with her .

  added by  Uj... for  ProfessionalFUCKER on 26 February 2021

This guy is just too good, His tongue game is top notch, uses his tongue all over my body from ear 👂 to breast, Navel, anus, feet and when he finally came back to my pussy I felt heaven on earth, dude ate my pussy passionately as if I have honey in there, honestly I really got value for my money and looking at His profile you won’t even think He knows anything, very smart & neat.

Sweetheart I think you need to work on this your profile, it doesn’t really speak how good you are.
I can’t wait to have you again, I can’t imagine cuming 4 consecutive times back to back.. I LOVE that feeling such 😘 😘

Escort Reply:

Thank you so much and I think you are doing the good my profile needs

  added by  Hu... for  Favourx on 26 February 2021

She is cute calm and very pretty. Looking for that unique girlfriend experience then she is the girl for you. Good in communication and exceptional attitude.

  added by  Sy... for  prettydiva1 on 26 February 2021

Called if she could take on two guys her response was positive so I invited her to my hotel room where I was hanging out with my guy friend. When I saw her at the reception I was skeptical about the whole thing cos she looked very gentle. But oh boy was I wrong. We fucked this girl hard thinking she’ll say she’s tired but no she enjoyed the fuck, sucking us, moaning and grinding till we both had our fill. Only thing is she doesn’t do anal so we had to take turns. My guy had to tip her extra for the service

  added by  Ja... for  Presh on 26 February 2021

she is very coool and worth every penny spent……………..

Escort Reply:

Aww🥰 thank you very much 🙏 and may God bless you in a way you didn’t expect.

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