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  added by  Tu... for  SexyT on 03 June 2020

Worth every penny! My first actual meetup on and I have no regrets whatsoever. Very clean, very wet, absolutely fun to be with. Thanks for hanging out and accepting me as is.

Escort Reply:

Awwwwwn😁thats so sweet☺️,thanks darling 💋.you were fun as well!

  added by  Aw... for  Amira on 03 June 2020

Expressly rude gosh

Escort Reply:

Bad introduction .

  added by  Eg... for  Natcees on 03 June 2020

It’s was a nice wet and juicy video session with this damsel a standing nipples and very wet pussy and the squirting was too much I really enjoyed myself

  added by  Is... for  Loveth on 03 June 2020

I had a very good time with her last night.Her pussy is very clean and smells nice. Her anal game is top-notch she took my dick all in her ass, she suck and fucked my dick all night. She was amazing and fucking good,can’t wait to have you again dear

Escort Reply:

Had a great time with you too

  added by  Ju... for  Anita on 03 June 2020

Hot and fluid filled Video session 5stars to you. Might I add she has a banging hot body 🥵🥵🥵

  added by  Je... for  Sexylina on 02 June 2020

Called Lina today on short notice and she came to give me some quality time- She was super friendly and very understanding. I spent time admiring her physique because of how hot her body was in particular. She gave me a mind blowing blowjob which made my head spin for a long while before rimming me like her life depends on it methodically, it was like i was in heaven! I banged her and couldn’t get enough of her pussy. I wish I had the ability to freeze time because I didn’t want the moment to end. I am looking forward to another session with her in the near future. Her dedication to ‘duty’ was exceptional – I wish I could rate her above 5stars.

  added by  Se... for  Slender Sophie on 02 June 2020

Just had an ‘Awesome’ time with Slender Sophie, it was a Video session and well worth the time and money.
She’s easy to relate with, grounded and definitely will be a whole lot of fun to meet. Can’t wait to hook up, cheers….SA

Escort Reply:

Thanks Darling i had a nice time with u..can’t wait too

  added by  Jo... for  Sharonwet on 02 June 2020

This escort is owns my heart now
This site has always looked fake to me and that’s because I have sent up to 5 ladies here transport but they eat my money and block me off
It took time before I agreed to send transport to Sharon, I sent her the transport money, she assured me that she will come to me, I still didn’t believe she will come till she called that she said she is here I was so excited, went to pick her up. Her shape is astonishing. The way she hugged me tightly and perked me made my prick stand.
Not only that she came as she promised but she also made me happy
She is so clean that I had to eat her pussy till she was squirting and squirting. She has a very sweet pussy, Sharon gave me a hot fuck. She rimmed me for almost an hour I was already shouting, she made me go crazy. Her blowjob was superb it was down deep throat. and watching her from the mirror while pounding her big ass from the back was my best
My Meeting with Sharon convinced me that this site is real

  added by  Ma... for  Prettydiva on 02 June 2020

Only done video calls so far and she’s not disappointed so far. Fantastic breasts, great body.The way she moves her body makes you want to reach into the screen and grab her. I’m looking forward to doing it for real. Thank you for the shows. From her chats she’s really pleasant to chat with. Till next time dear 😘

Escort Reply:

Aawwww🤗🤗 sweetie am Soo happy for the review. Thanks I really can't wait for us to meet and have this real like hot🔥 hot🔥😉

  added by  Aw... for  Certifiedwemmy on 01 June 2020

She is adorable Cant get her out of my head after the lockdown we will collide

  added by  Gh... for  Sweetlips on 01 June 2020

She is the hottest thing, she is worth every money ..her blow up is sloppy nd top notch..she fucks like hell. An ebony sex goddess she truly is.

Escort Reply:

Oh my! Thanks dear...I love this

  added by  Su... for  Juicyberry on 01 June 2020

Pussy is juicy indeed….That slim sexy body got me cumin again and again…. I NEED ANOTHER TASTE IF YOU GIRL 💦💦

  added by  Be... for  Prettydiva on 01 June 2020

My Best ride ever and so honest did transfer for her but didn’t get it due to bad network so I gave her cash when she got the money she sent it back thanks a lot baby got big plans for u next time ❤️

Escort Reply:

OMG baby thank you Soo much, this will be the best review I get baby. Thanks for trusting me at first, you never stressed it at all,I really appreciate dear🙏 I blow you a thousand kiss💋💋💋💋💋....

  added by  Sa... for  TALLESTbaby on 01 June 2020

Damn. Saturday night with her was lit af. I slept the whole of Sunday coz she drained me mehn. Head was 💯, Sex was fire and she a good conversationalist. There was no round of the sex i didn’t enjoy. Nne i di too much. Looking forward to another fuck session with you soon. Thanks

Escort Reply:

Thank you darling 💋 💋 💋 tha was love making ooooo, I was wet all through 😂😂😂can't get the memories off my head sha.. I appreciate you dear thanks for the review

  added by  Mi... for  Bamidele on 01 June 2020


Escort Reply:

Admin response:

The escort is fully verified. I just confirmed her photos and her verification photo again.
Please may we know why you think a man is behind the account. ? Contact us on whatsapp.

Meanwhile I will change the review to a 5 star.

  added by  Jo... for  MissGloria on 01 June 2020

You can imagine. Who pays for Video sex without seeing someone’s face. All this Nigerian girls that feels a man is just a piece of rag to use as there like. And 40k, 50k. Pls help who pays a street girl for sex pls, you ain’t worth a dime or a penny. And someone is complaining you have the guts to say he is rude or wtf is wrong with u.

Escort Reply:

I said what I said bro...I won't show my face during sex video call. Though sometimes I get all comfortable with my clients and I actually do, soo it could go either way👌.

Now you see, your pathetic OPINION here isn't worth SHIT....SO do me well to take your BAD ENERGY far away and bitch don't kill my SEXY vibe😁😁

I stand with gentlemen only🙏🙏

  added by  Th... for  Sidechick on 31 May 2020

Best service! Worth your money

  added by  Go... for  Myreal on 31 May 2020

Naught girl I ever meet on this site , she is mid freaky , best anal ever , bj was the best , and she can care for Africa Haas she almost make me forget that am married, she good , thanks to you , I really enjoyed my time , from Ikeja to vi and she was here on time 5 stars for u

  added by  Bi... for  TALLESTbaby on 31 May 2020


Escort Reply:

Thanks dear💋💋💋💋💋

  added by  Mi... for  Geraldine on 31 May 2020

Nice pictures and profile. cant wait to meet with you and have a fun time.

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