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  added by  Sh... for  B... on 27 January 2018

Neat, friendly, good listener and very professional. True girl friend experience.

  added by  Ma... for  Mona on 25 January 2018

Sounded couth and well mannered over the phone, yet stood me up twice. Although apologised the 1st time but acted like nothing was wrong the 2nd time. Not sure I want to hook up with someone with no respect for time and other people.

  added by  Ol... for  Sinmisexy2018 on 25 January 2018

Absolutely perfect, straight forward and easy going… Friendly as well… Had a nice time with her.

  added by  ca... for  Hornyslaybee on 24 January 2018

best phone sex i have ever had in my life

  added by  Ma... for  Ayishatu on 21 January 2018

What can i say that hasnt already been said, Ayishatu is a stunning young queen. very real, no bullshit fakery.
You really need to be with Ayishatu to understand what i mean , she is so sweet, so pleasing to to touch, the mere contact of her skin against mine sends electric shock to my brain.
First girl ever that made me cum before i could even wear my condom, her skin , her palms, touching my dick was so much for my heart and brain to bear.

I woke up a few times through the night to admire this beauty. she is truly incredible.

  added by  do... for  Hornyslaybee on 20 January 2018

Know how to touch in the right place to make sure i cum. A very good professional who gives her best. Would be coming back for more.

  added by  Ph... for   on 20 January 2018

Mehhh, this girl is fire she suck the hell out of me, we concluded one hour I keep her for 24 hours, meh fucking good suck and she can fuck for Africa, please I need you again by this weekend, just try her you will testify?For me she fuck me the way I want it, she is too sweet really good as she said about her, thank you very much for making day ?

  added by  Sh... for   on 20 January 2018

Some of these reviews are lies. This girl doesn’t give any head. What do you mean by suck?

  added by  Em... for  Jennyd on 19 January 2018

She squirts !!!! First of her kind on the site… She is classy very neat apartment… Her pussy soo neat, juicy and very tight .She got sweet boobs and perfect curves. really friendly. I spent 3days of my holiday in Lagos at hers it was really comfortable than the hotel I normally use whenever am in Lagos. She was accommodating and very friendly and yes I paid her extra cos she took time making sure I enjoyed myself. Did I forget to say she got a very tight ,neat and juicy pussy. She is the best here. She is worth more I must say

  added by  El... for   on 16 January 2018

She is beautiful, fucks real gud, sucks like a hover, perfect in everything that has to do with dick and pussy.

  added by  Ob... for  Bianca on 15 January 2018

Delightful young lady, intelligent with natural warm presence. I love this girl. She looks so virgin and immaculate, yet sweet and fun. Her smile melts a heart. Her lips .. So succulent, her french kiss tastes of strawberry.

One secret guys ; Get her to ride you, to feel the real meaning of orgasmic wave.

This will definitely not be the last of me. Get prepared to see more of me , Angel.

  added by  Ku... for  B... on 12 January 2018

B….a gift that keeps giving???. Planned on having her for the night,ended up keeping her for a whole week. Never a dull moment,wasn’t bored for one second.

Very adventurous…
I have very weird fantasies and she never judged me and was willing to try new things with me. Her blowjob is out of this world.

A very classy and beautiful girl I could proudly take out and show off to my friends.Cool,calm and collected too.

I have officially found my perfect girl whenever I’m in the country.

  added by  Zo... for  Liza on 10 January 2018

Amazing personality with a fuckable body that is worth every person. Heavy super duty!

  added by  He... for  Mona on 09 January 2018

Fresh body.. incredibly soft and responds to touches . Her moan is so sweet. I like this girl. We did lots of things. Various sex positions. The feel of her big lips around my cock feels so so damn good.
She didn’t let me do anal with her. Hopefully will be able to persuade her for next time. She is truly a keep.

  added by  El... for  Chelsea on 31 December 2017

What a sweet pussy, her BJ was a bomb, pussy so sweet, she is super hot, pussy so inviting. the sweetest escort .

  added by  El... for  B... on 26 December 2017

Had the best Christmas thanks to this Goddess. Super clean and very very very appealing. There’s a way she looks at you… My dick was just charging steady. She has the type of pussy you just don’t want to come out of,its to carry bed and live there,lol. Very fun to be with and friendly. She made me feel wanted and cherished. She does wonders with her mouth too. This girl is good

  added by  Vi... for  Cici on 26 December 2017

So naturally innocent n yet such a wild fuck
Angelic look on her face as she came n asked me to do her harder
Soft supple n silky chocolate skin
Sensitive nipples responding to touch like crazy
Amazing blow job skills. She got me so super hard so fast
You wont believe how much juice she was releasing just stroking her tits n fingering her pussie
She was honestly a super fuck for the about 2 hours we hung out
We have an overnite date in a few days. Plz don’t ask me about it (LOL)
CiCi sure rocks! Thanks to coded for bringing you out.

  added by  Sh... for  Excel on 22 December 2017

What a night!
Beautiful, clean, classy girl. Fucks good.
Came later than expected, but

  added by  Uc... for  B... on 21 December 2017

Very Classy and Professional. Not your regular runs girl. And yeah,she can fuck for Africa. Sweet sweet girl

  added by  To... for  B... on 21 December 2017

Exactly as shown in the pictures,even better in person.She has the cleanest/juiciest pussy ive ever tasted/fucked and her Blow job? Jesus Christ! I still shiver whenever I remember it. She loves sucking Dick,I could tell. She knows what she’s doing.

Pussy is super tight,like a virgin’s. Plus,she rides like a porn star. Fucked all night,can’t remember how many rounds. She even gave me extra goodbye fuck when it was time to leave in the morning. Worth every naira spent,even gave her extra. Definitely gonna keep coming back for more. Thanks B…

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