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  added by  Se... for  Badbitchella on 17 October 2021

Ella Fucked like a rock star. She wasnt tired at all. she was ready to go again. She did all I asked of her and wanted to do more fetish stuff.always ready to try new things❤️ Good company for the night.
Nigeria girl wit a decent look 😫😫but darnmm baby I want to do dis again
Just tell me wen your free Baby

  added by  Ch... for  Soft on 17 October 2021

Sexy,naughty,romantic…. she is so clean, neat and has the best pussy ever. I recommend her so highly.Hope we can link up again

  added by  Re... for  Vicky on 17 October 2021

After a lovely year sweet madame bee 🥰

  added by  Ba... for  Prettynora on 17 October 2021

This one of the worst girl have ever met in my life. With all the juju shit u Dey do.
This babe carry my 20k run

Thief, make admin do something abeg, I get proof

  added by  As... for  TALLESTbaby on 17 October 2021

She was amazing, she was the perfect choice! Exactly what every man needs!nice boobs nice ass sweet pussy well spoken,very neat girl.
This is one of the best sexual experience i have ever had.her blowjob,anal and the actual fucking were all exquiste.
the satisfaction was guaranteed,she is good I recommend her keep it up girl.
I hope to see you again in Benin before this year runs out.
Thanks for taking care of me 🥂
See u soon

  added by  La... for  Deena on 17 October 2021

All the pictures are fake. That’s philson lashanna an onlyfans model am subscribed to.

Escort Reply:

You lie.... all pictures here are mine... my former page here was meena and I changed it to Deena... how dose that make me fake?? Don’t come to type rubbish on my page....

  added by  Re... for  Vicky on 17 October 2021

After a lovely year sweet lovely madame bee

Escort Reply:

Thanks sweetie😍

  added by  ge... for  BadbitchTara on 16 October 2021

Never had a sex video call until I decided to experience it with Tara. She actually took her time to teach me what SVC is all about. She even spent extra time with me and was actively engaging all along. She’s very welcoming and playful 😁… I can’t wait to meet her in person to experience all she’s got to offer… Highly recommended

Escort Reply:

Wow thanks dearie 😊 never expected this.. can’t wait to meet you too ❤️

  added by  Al... for  MMGZY on 16 October 2021

Your number is 12 digits long. Got another number?

  added by  Te... for  Joysugar on 16 October 2021

Joysugar is kind, respectful, and above all patient and ready to give you anything you ask for. She is very neat and her head game is strong. Totally recommend

  added by  OL... for  Browneyes on 16 October 2021

Thanks for yesterday SEXY.
I was curious about meeting her , invited her over and she came as promised.
Very neat and clean babe with high sense of humour
I’ve never had such an amazing moment with a vibrant lady as her, Perfect ass and sloppy blowjob.

Trust me when I say we made love , passionate and intimate one
You’re amazing babe 😘, and my favourite Gold ! Can’t wait to be with you again and again Hun I’m sticking with you 💯 – 0!@mide

Escort Reply:

Awww 🥰 thanks honey u were amazing too dear 💋🥰 I’m here for u dear.

  added by  uH... for  Portable on 16 October 2021

Had a nice session with you. Negative feedbacks speak the opposite of this nice and naughty girl. Gave her a trial,I wasn’t disappointed.

Escort Reply:

Whoever you are,I love you

  added by  Ja... for  Sleek on 16 October 2021

Sexy, Naughty, Romantic, Knows how to fuck, with great BJ. I enjoyed my time with her

  added by  Yu... for  Trish on 16 October 2021

Perfect babe! Swears she’s everything you dreamed of and more. Awesome big soft ass, perfect body, good companion, fuck great, makes you laugh almost every minute and does everything to please. Just the prefect girl!

  added by  Bk... for  Tiwabilz on 16 October 2021

What an amazing escort,an escort with high moral discipline,humble and patience in giving out her services to your satisfaction.nice video time with u.100% loyal with good communication skills.she is a bundle of fun.

  added by  pr... for  Candice on 16 October 2021

Fake picture, the owner of the profile pic is my friend and she base in festac Lagos.

  added by  Yo... for  Barbie on 16 October 2021

What happen to ur number ?? I can’t reach you

  added by  Ha... for  Silverswan on 16 October 2021

The pictures are FAKE guys. Very fake. You don’t have to lie to attract clients. If you can’t display your real pictures, edit your face away then.
She no get YANSH!

Escort Reply:

Why didn't you put how you got so high the hotel people had to kivk you out midnight because you were fighting everyone?everyone including the receptionist.i have a sweet ssexy body and everyone was asking what i was doing with someone like you?once you guys don't get your way next thing is to try and Ruin someone's profile. Guys don't mind this idiot feel free to call me on video call whenever.with Love from Silverswan. P.S this Idiot was all over me in the Cab until we got to the hotel.don't take out your anger on me because the hotel manager asked you to leave not me.

  added by  Ki... for  Sexyberryh on 16 October 2021

Omo, she’s the best, hottest, confirm forcker, lol… squirt queen

Escort Reply:

My pucci de drip water 💦 don’t forget to try again

  added by  Om... for  Norqueen on 16 October 2021

Have not seen you but this your ass is enticing.

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