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  added by  Mi... for  Tina on 05 December 2018

after booking a date with her, she told me she will be out by 8pm i booked a hotel room in prepartion. then called her by 8:10 and she told me she can’t make it again. waste of hotel bill, at least she should have called.

  added by  Sw... for  Detty on 05 December 2018


  added by  al... for  Dorcas on 05 December 2018

For someone with such a great ass, this lady was terribly poor on hygiene.
She turned up without even having a shower.. and worst of all she was hairy all over her body!!.. IT WAS TERRiBLE!

  added by  Af... for  Boye on 05 December 2018

Sweet girl! You deserve ten stars

  added by  To... for  Khione on 04 December 2018

Don’t let the face fool you. She’s a newbie & inexperienced at that. Can’t even suck a dick well, too shy & doesn’t know much . Good thing I didn’t ask for overnight. (shudders)

  added by  Ju... for  Khloe on 04 December 2018

Saw her profile on the review session really liked her thickness texted her and we spoke,was so excited when she said she does girls also,so I hurried and we agreed to meet,she was so cute and thick, from first sight I loved all I saw about her,when we got down she was so sweet,we got down real well she sucked my pussy so well I really enjoyed every bit of the moment we spent together,indeed my money didn’t go for a waste,I have to say I really love you so much dear and can’t wait to meet again after the Christmas.

  added by  Di... for  Detty on 03 December 2018

She was amazing!!!! Was the perfect choice! Exactly what every man can wish!!nice boobs well spoken,very clean girl,I think I fall in love

  added by  Re... for  Graciella on 03 December 2018

my very 1st experience in using Codedruns n it turns out to be my worst experience..not worth the time n mny at all…pics here r like 3yrs ago n doesn’t reflect current pic of de escort.. only gud thing was her timely arrival but I won’t recommend her services for now..

  added by  Ch... for  Hot sauce1 on 02 December 2018

She’s so real wow , so natural, so nice thick and juicy, she smells so nice 👍🏼 Had fun to the fullest will surely see you again hot sauce

  added by  Da... for  Sexyqueen1 on 01 December 2018

Badass chick. Sooo crazy she will definitely drive you crazy… She has all the toys and body to give that once in a lifetime experience. Babe bad gan

  added by  Da... for  Ini on 01 December 2018

She made my day… Gisted like we’ve met before skin so soft and supple, pussy sooo good, she twerks really well. Her blowjob and hand job is heavenly. Complete package in one excort. She rode me and twerked on my dick wow I never had such experience before… Babygirl you got me

  added by  Be... for  Poopqueen on 01 December 2018

A bi/gay friend from this site invited her and told me about having a threesome with her which I agreed to, though I was skeptical cos of the fear/ hunt for men like us who enjoy both sides. I met my friend and her at the hotel nd dame it, she was a real mistress. She used us, fucked us both with a strapon, watched us fuck each other, gave us golden shower, humiliate us, in fact she was in control nd a real dom. I had to register in this site after my experience with her cos I never knew we have good mistress in Nigeria. I only got such doms when I was in Europe. I give it all to her and I remain her permanent slave. Use me goddess however you want to

  added by  al... for  SHARON on 01 December 2018

Don’t waste your money. I was surprised by many things when I met up with her. First of all she is not as attractive in real life as she appears in these photos. Secondly,
Her ass was surprisingly small!.. on top of all of this she struggled while trying to give me anal.. ( yet she advertises “anal” service on her profile).
I would say that though her manners are good, she is just not able to please.
In a nutshell, she was a waste of money.

  added by  Fu... for  Naughtygee on 29 November 2018

Had issues meeting him, but when he finally came over its worth the wait, he took his time on me with a good head I had no intention of sucking him but is sick is big and cute, and the sex OMG!!! The best I ever had I reached orgasm twice had to double what we agreed on, seeing you soon dear you the best!!

  added by  Tu... for  Koko on 29 November 2018

I wasn’t gonna join as a client but i had to give this review. Koko is the perfect idea of a great experience in and out of bed. her attention to detail is impeccable. At first, she seemed very shy and calculative but along the line, she loosened up. Her head game is one of a kind. The only lady that has ever made me cum from bj. When i first saw her, she looked thicker than her pictures but she’s very pretty (mind you, the pictures on her profile are real, but she said her pictures just always turn out different). for a plus sized girl, the way she rode my dick was heavenly. She’s very intelligent, very pretty and sexy. I give her a five and we’re definitely hooking up whenever I’m around

  added by  At... for  Yasmin on 29 November 2018

One of the best sexual experience i ever had. True to type, her handjob,blowjob and the actual fucking were all exquisite!

She literally drained me that i had to get a glass of milk before i could drive back home.

  added by  Mi... for  Cara on 28 November 2018

Clean,neat babe with nice body. Few minutes with her and I was wishing she was my gf. Good conversationalist and intelligent.we connected gf experience I have ever had. She has tight pussy and a good! She can on point.i came via her bj alone(covers face). flexible and a good dick rider.Any position you want she is game and can withstand long hour fuck.I met my match for the first time. She is very friendly and sticks to time. So if you are looking to have a swell time and enjoy the fuck of your life she is the go to escort, that stranger feeling will be lost few minutes being with her. Surely I will be back for more of her treat! I like you babe but I love your pussy more.

  added by  Ma... for  Redeem on 28 November 2018

Its her real Pictures

  added by  Ma... for  Juicy on 28 November 2018

Its her real Pictures

  added by  Ma... for  Ellacute on 28 November 2018

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