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  added by  ge... for  Khalissa on 09 September 2018

Bad babe. She knows how to use her natural endowment too well

  added by  St... for  Choicest on 07 September 2018

Very cool for me

  added by  Ke... for  Iniobong on 06 September 2018

I fucked her ass real good and I loved it..This girl is just the best I have come across on this platform…Will surely fuck her next time am in the city

  added by  Je... for  JASON LONG DICK NASTY on 06 September 2018

Jason Is an amazing guy. He fucked me till I squirted all over the the bed. Sucked my cunt ND my ass so good. Handled me so roughly and nasty the way I liked it his stroking game his on point .he worshipped my body .it was so sweetest 3hours of fun

  added by  Sh... for  Yemi on 04 September 2018

This guy run me out of juicy while he sucking my pussy. He so good and fuck hell. He doesn’t rush, he takes his time. Really kept my company. I recommend him to anyone seeking a good time with a guy. True to his word on discretion. The way he met me would tell you he takes his confidentiality very seriously. Massage and BJ was other worldly I swear. Then the way he handled me was truly amazing. Will book again whenever im in town.

  added by  Vv... for  Jade on 02 September 2018

She gave me a good sexchat. Can’t wait to give you your fantasy

  added by  Ba... for  Sweetdebby on 01 September 2018

Her pussy sooo sweet, juicy and creamy I sucked and drank her juice. Hot and tight pussy and Her blowjob is 100%.

  added by  Ba... for  Chioma1 on 01 September 2018

Came into lagos, my friend introduced me to coded runs. I called chioma I told her I wanted an exceptional service she said 100k. We met at intercontinental chioma blew me away. Chioma told me I will get an exceptional service and she has never given anyone on the site. Chioma squirted for me and sucked me dry I have never had such experience all my life her massage left me wondering if I was still in Nigeria. She brought her sex toys and we played also twerked. Chioma fucked me in the bathroom, on the floor, on the table I came like 5 times before morning. I had a new kind of experience I have her number for life now.

  added by  Ji... for  Honeydrop on 29 August 2018

Wow what an exciting 2 hours with honey drop. Young and fresh, Cute, pretty, good attitude and to cap it up the sex was good. The pictures on her profile does not do justice to her beauty ,flawless skin and lovely boobs.
Worth every penny spent. Will definitely see her again

  added by  Ma... for  JASON LONG DICK NASTY on 29 August 2018

Yesterday I was so stressed out .so I called Jason cos of what I saw on his page and his reviews . I told him he should just satisfy me and he did .he first gave me a very sexy massage making my body more relax ate my pussy I came in his mouth. Fucked me so silly ND gently his dick filled me up I couldn’t take it no more wen he ate my ass I was in dream land. He Licked my toes ND made me cum so many times he cuddled me through out the night. At night when I was sleeping he ate my pussy while I was at sleep waking me up into orgasm damn the sex was so amazing thanks jason I would see you next week also

  added by  Ob... for  Enora on 29 August 2018

Exactly as I like them, curvy and soft, sweet boobs, and even sweeter tasting juicy pussy. Naughty girl, drained me proper. Can’t wait till we meet up again. 10/10 on quality of the sex
10/10 on pleasure
She is a big girl, if it’s your thing, she is one to have.

  added by  Za... for  Bianca on 29 August 2018

This lady is good looking great body succulent boobs tight pussy dont know how u do it sexy lingeria fantastic experience very sexy and exciting lady always smiling had an amazing romance before sex my nerves are so relax.pls keep it up with ur good character very respectful.this wount be my last bianca

  added by  Pr... for  Lummie on 28 August 2018

Best experience ever with an escort!!!!!!..shet!you guys should try her😱😱😱 I just met her today. She’s of utmost behavior and very caring. As soon as I met her, she acted like we new each other for very long time. Best…Had the best sex with her ever. I will be back for more lummie 😍😍😍

  added by  To... for  Sugar spic on 27 August 2018

OMG I had the best Sunday evening in a long while. Sugar is just too sweet. Soft nicely thicc body, amazing jiggly ass size. Ate her pussy till she started creaming then I fucked the juices out her & she begged for round 3. She loves sucking dick too, & enjoyed sucking me cos she wanted me to cum badly. Wish I stayed overnight, I could just fuck her for hours. Will see her again.

  added by  Sn... for  creamiee on 26 August 2018

Nice girl , with amazing banging body.

  added by  Ch... for  JASON LONG DICK NASTY on 23 August 2018

Jason really took his time on us he ate both our pussies so good gave us a very lovely massage worshiped our body ate our ass and fucked us so good he is very good at what he does he is the best. made us cum his dick is so damn big what a nasty boy .we won’t forget the way you ate our ass Jason thanks for taking good care of us what a lovely threesome see you soon.

  added by  D-... for  medicine on 22 August 2018

If there was anything like the perfect fuck, this was one of them.She ran me out of steam. Still doubting the review? A call would cure that doubt.

  added by  Ma... for  Squirt goddess on 18 August 2018

What’s an incredible beautiful young lady, full of energy and eager to please.
Proper sugar daughter material.
Treat this beauty right guys.

  added by  Mu... for  Good on 16 August 2018

I summoned courage on this Feri today just to be sure about her reviews .she gave me a good treats,with loving and caring,she did not even rush me her massage and sucking with ice cream was den good.I even gave her more than what we discussed I really appreciate her coming this afternoon I think what they said was wrong about her. good and nice 💯💯💯

  added by  Ti... for  BabyT on 16 August 2018

Nice body with perfect pussy!

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