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  added by  Bi... for  Miracle on 25 October 2020

Admin please delete this profile ASAP.
This person is not an escort she’s just here to mislead the public.
When you chat her up she’s rude first off, takes forever to respond and when she does she asks you to send a pic, she never agrees to video call confirmation.

  added by  Ri... for  Sunshine on 25 October 2020

Fr…she’s the nicest girl on this site.
She’s so lovely with her sweet pussy that will make you go for another round no jokes
She will give it to you the way that will satisfy you…Cause of her sweet pussy I visited her three times in a week… I love the way she gives her doggy stye damn!!!
You’re really a pretty good soul thanks for today I’ll be booking you anytime next week cause you’re something different

Escort Reply:

Thanks dear....l appreciate

  added by  He... for  NiNa on 25 October 2020

How can you have a sex video call and the escort boldly says she does not moan? I’m disappointed, waste of my money!

Escort Reply:

you intentionally came to defile my good reviews. what advantage do you get by defaming? you sent 4k for 20minutes and cut me off after 15minutes that u realize that I don't moan ???

  added by  Ad... for  Gyna on 25 October 2020

Girl on the street and a freak in the bed, these ‘re my words for u baby gurl. Just love how u do it.

Escort Reply:

Wow, thanks brownshuga😗

  added by  Op... for  Cinntel on 24 October 2020

Time waster
So docile and dry
No spice in her at all
Ended up wasting my time and money

Not friendly
No any amount of respect
She’s my worst nightmare.

I wouldn’t recommend her to anyone, even if she’s the last escort standing

  added by  To... for  Princess on 24 October 2020

I didn’t enjoy my hooking up with you.

  added by  Ke... for  TALLESTbaby on 24 October 2020

I anticipated on meeting with this babe and yes I finally met her. She was so welcoming,homely,loving n caring,her BJ was top notch I didn’t want her to stop plus she’s so hot at deepthroating. Her ass bouncing on my dick so sure of meeting with you again!💋

Escort Reply:

Thanks baby. I miss you💕💕💕💕💕

  added by  St... for  Tracyy on 24 October 2020

Very rude and arrogant

  added by  Ge... for  Iniobong on 24 October 2020

Baby can you drop your WhatsApp number please

Escort Reply:

Dear I have 2 numbers one of them is my WhatsApp number..the Airtel number

  added by  Ge... for  Dara on 24 October 2020

Baby please drop your WhatsApp number

  added by  Cr... for  Chioma on 24 October 2020

OfficialCiCi….Is this really you?

I know Ifunanya is here and one other movie actress like that, but Cici, is it really you or an imposter?

So that boys can start preparing for a trip to Abuja.

Kindly answer.

  added by  Bl... for  MIMIPEARL on 24 October 2020

She sucks dick like crazy. Will do her best to please you. really worth it.

Escort Reply:

Awwwn thanks so much 🥰👄looking forwards to give you more of my beat🍆😋🤗

  added by  He... for  NiNa on 24 October 2020

I must say she is such an amazing Soul, Everything about her is lovely. She could make you go on and on. Really have a nice time with her. Coming back for more

Escort Reply:

thanks hun💋

  added by  Ha... for  Sugarkenny on 24 October 2020

Good girl

  added by  Fe... for  Blackpanty on 24 October 2020

You have finish me with your ass, this the most sweetest anal sex I have ever had, thank you blacky

  added by  Ge... for  Sugarkenny on 24 October 2020

Bad, crazy and naughty you are the most wild lady I ever met

  added by  Wa... for  Blackpanty on 24 October 2020

you are nothing but the best, you worth every amount you charge, very classic, clean, and pretty, and plz remove this pictures , you are more pretty then picture

  added by  Pe... for  TALLESTbaby on 24 October 2020

With the reviews am seeing , am just sad I don’t stay on the mainland , I suppose Fuck this babe … gosh see shape of her behind and even the way she moans you would know it’s real and she is feeling the sex …

Escort Reply:

I got some good and sweet clients that come to hookup with me here in Surulere and u can equally send tf if u want our services around urplace. Thanks

  added by  ke... for  Brianfucks on 24 October 2020

Stop faking your reviews. It’s obvious you are writing these reviews yourself. Your use of punctuation marks are all the same. Even a child can easily see through it.

Escort Reply:

I believe you’re Kenneth or one of the gay men I’ve refused to meet with despite the pressure from y’all
Mehn,you do not have to descend so low as to leave a false review to discredit me or my services.Get a life!

  added by  Pe... for  queenoppy on 23 October 2020

With reviews am seeing here I really wished you based in Lagos gosh ! Wouldn’t mind having this ass for a whole weekend pounding it just the way I like and having you suck my dick and cum…I guess I wait till you in Lagos

Escort Reply:

Sure I do shuttle lagos and Ibadan, anytime from 29th of oct will be in lag by God grace

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