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  added by  Ta... for  Dijah on 13 March 2019

I met this pretty lady and am thinking about her. She is the epitome of beauty, calm and sexy.

Dijah fucked me for four hours without any complain. Her standout feature is how wet she remains even after 2/3 rounds.

All I can say is she is worth the try and money and if you fuck her once, u will come back again.

  added by  An... for  Nickpet on 13 March 2019

Wow I met this escort on monday afternoon for a quickly at her place. she was wonderful. Although she was upset that something was bothering her. she still gave me her best, the fuck was so romantic she gave me a nice head job and sweet noodle with egg after fucking 🤣.the next day I call her if i could come around again because I I couldn’t get my mind off her pussy.nick you are wonderful what a beautiful damsel you deserves more than just money 💯ten thousand star 🌟 for you my gal …….

  added by  Jo... for  Sexy joy on 13 March 2019

Thanks for the awesome times. I still can’t stop thinking about your pussy

  added by  Mr... for  Posh Chubby on 12 March 2019

Oh sweet posh, I had a great time with this lovely damsel. She’s very sweet in bed, her pussy tastes so good and she gave me an unforgettable experience. She’s also nice and soft-spoken, with so much elegance. Posh I am missing you already and I will surprise you when next I’m in Port Harcourt.

  added by  Ma... for  Sharonwet on 12 March 2019

Read her reviews and decided to meet up with escort, Girl is sweet.she is very cute and fucks like rock star
Wonderful naughty encounter,very very juicy and clean,Sharon was a great experience,nice soft body,she sucked the hell out of me,I enjoyed her,,as for me,this escort is perfect,she is too sweet to handle, she is the best here,she worth more I can say
Highly recommended 💯

  added by  Vi... for  Felicia on 12 March 2019

Rude. We were about to strike a deal before she requested for my picture, which I did. The next thing I knew was her blocking me. I didn’t bother calling her,because she has a small sense of reasoning. I wouldn’t have dmed her,if not because my normal escort here wasn’t available. Be mindful of her…

  added by  my... for  Tiffani on 12 March 2019

correct girl you be better pikin wey sabi

  added by  el... for  Loganbae on 11 March 2019

She is a young lady with a soft and gentle way. She offers GFE experience which I love…She is very responsive and tasted great. DFK no problem from the start. Very pleasant to have around and appears to enjoy her work a lot! She has a nice smooth body that I loved kissing on the way down. She seemed to really respond when I was down on her. We had intercourse in a number of different positions and I have to say she is particularly good on top as she grinds one into a different dimension. Will visit again. Simply put, best fuck, exciting conversation and a superb BJ to round-up the night.

  added by  Mi... for  Jennyhotspice on 11 March 2019

Honestly Am a Man of few words because my word is my bond and you can sure take it to the bank and it will neber bounce. Jenny is such a real chic i must confess, Her pics are hunfred percent real and she got the most mouth watering boobs and firm sexy Ass. We had a video call before we connected and she was awesome and very down to earth. She did all i asked in a girlfriend experience way never treating it like she was been paid. Honestly she deserve more than a five i will say 110/100% for sure. Guys if you need a real person that is not posting fake pictures then try jenny and again she can twerk that Ass in your Dick really good. Nice knowing you Jenny and thanks for the best treat and proving me wrong even though the money didnt deliver on time but you trusted me and that meant alot. Thanks.

  added by  Is... for  WildB on 11 March 2019

Decent, clean and ready to satisfy. Would definitely hook up with her again.

  added by  Pa... for  Kemidiva on 11 March 2019

Please, reomve this ecort hse keep forwardingc alls

  added by  Fr... for  Sharonwet on 11 March 2019

This escort is superb,done hookups wit some escorts here but never met any escort like Sharon,she is very sweet and lovely,her body is so succulent,I enjoyed every bit of her,she has a sweet meaty pussy,we agreed on jst a night bt I got so attached to that pussy and had to keep her for three days,and I enjoyed her alot,sucked her clean juicy pussy,and her boobs too,my dick was standing all through the time we spent together,thanks to you baby , will definitely come back for you

  added by  Ho... for  WildB on 11 March 2019

Gosh, her head game is mad, she’s very nice and romantic, she’s ready to satisfy you to any length…meeting her again for sure, trust me she’s wild

  added by  Mr... for  Loganbae on 11 March 2019

Great company, certainly sapiosexual as we had quite some interesting conversations.
She also knows exactly how to make you relax

  added by  An... for  Beautybrown on 10 March 2019

[DISPUTED]Fake pictures, use your own pictures, admin please do something about this.

ADMIN RESPONSE:She is verified. Those are her REAL PHOTOS.

  added by  Vi... for  WildB on 10 March 2019

I got to give it her,she is good in what she does. BJ was mind blowing, romance is perfect,and she has good communication skill. Its Vicky baby. Definitely getting back to her soon…..😋

  added by  Em... for  Teddymami on 10 March 2019

Wow mehn I had a great night yday,i invited teddymami to come see me, mehn this girl is fucken sexy nd clean.nd to end it all she’s so caring and romantic, she even got me some chocolates .i shared them wit her we talked,kiss play, fuck and had a cool warm bath. Teddy gave me a girlfriend experience. She was so free wit me which I like so much. Wow she really made my night.. Tanks sweet teddy for making my night special .cheers love

  added by  Vi... for  Nickpet on 10 March 2019

She fucking good . She knows how to handle a man, she gave something she hasn’t don before in her life….. anal sex…she cried oh …it cool now .Those are unforgettable experience . I really like her. This beautiful damsel have a nice home training.she jokes alot and smile alot anytime I try to get her angry indirectly she go just dey smile like say she win jackpot. nickpet thanks for the weekend .two days with you is like a year.

  added by  Yu... for  HappyBeauty on 09 March 2019

Just here for the money, not a professional escort.. no skills, Too boring to be with.

  added by  Od... for  Sweetprincess on 09 March 2019

Amazing escort experience. Her pussy was so tight and her boobs and nipples just right. She was so good I had to cancel my trip and spend an extra night with her. Will definitely see her soon again

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