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  added by  Ja... for  Alexa on 25 May 2018

At first I was doubting her cuz she is slim, but she took me to the bed and I’ve not been the same. Blowjob was on point, skin so light, pussy so tight. She’s the best and she is so pretty and she smiles a lot. She’s wonderful, I would recommend her any day.

  added by  Ol... for  Feri on 24 May 2018

This girl called feri is something else,she is good on bed she finished me,her sucking is 100 per good I go for you again feri

  added by  Fe... for  Winifred on 23 May 2018

Ebony wit the smile,
So decent you can’t connect her actions to her looks!!
She came with a wine
Great choice of music
Wini sucked and licked the fucked outta me, the pleasure was divine! I was literally exhausted 😩.
When I taught it was over she came on top and rode me like a biker!
So much pleasure in 2hours.
Her scent still all over my hotel sheet and car

Thanks to the ADMIN and my fellow REVIEWERS

  added by  MR... for  Blacksuga on 21 May 2018

Her Anal and Pussy is the bomb and she knows exactly how to fuck you. She hates one minute men and wants you to fuck her till her wombs shifts

  added by  Ja... for  Miss Ella La Naughty on 21 May 2018

Damn miss Ella was so fun too be with she’s friendly reserved so real and freaky Good on bed with a soft lips her pretty smile makes me want her more she gave me the best blow jobs,she gat a tight juicy pussy her Anal sex is the very best,she’s smells good she fucked me so good that I just have too ask for more,a night with her was full of fun she’s the best choices for me and deserves 5 stars even more. She is coming over soonest again for an orgy party am hosting and its gonna be damn hot..xxxx

  added by  Ma... for  Bianca on 21 May 2018

she is the best I must confess. She is friendly, always smiling and down to earth and the sex was great. As for me, na only she I go dey call because she don become my friend like this. Guys, trust me when I say this, you won’t regret being with her.

  added by  Ro... for  Winifred on 19 May 2018

I can’t help but give a review

Winifred you just blew me away
Thanks for being amazing and accomdating !!!
Brilliant business ideas you got
A true wife material but unfortunately I’m yourba

( take ur time she’s quick too anger)

  added by  Al... for  Iniobong on 18 May 2018

Best anal sex I have had, big booty and tight pussy.. very reserved girl tho but not reserved on bed.

  added by  Ay... for  Kiksy on 18 May 2018

I think she’s a joker. She reads messages without replying. She’s either too busy, or dont know what escorting is.

  added by  Ob... for  Paris love on 17 May 2018

Fantastic experience,

Blowjob – 10/10

French kissing- 10/10

Pussy- very beautiful, there is very fair like oyibo.
Paris’s pussy juicy be like Paris wine.

Girl is posh, clean and sweet. Proper girlfriend material.
Fragrance -10/10.
Highly recommend.

  added by  Ji... for  Feri on 12 May 2018

Finally summoned the courage to try an escort on this site and was lucky Feri was my pick. Pretty, smart , good conversations and she is master on the bed. Sex was awesome , been a while I had such relaxed and solid sex. Will recommend her to anyone any day. Least I forget she has excellent customer service skills and would do well as a customer service profesdional.

  added by  Ke... for  Tonia on 11 May 2018

I have been with this girl twice…..and she is just fantastic….what a body and she is seriously attentive…..and a seriously good fuck….i will be back for sure…..a keeper for sure

  added by  Bs... for  Valerie on 10 May 2018

She was nice , caring and exceptionally sensational. Stayed longer than I paid for , good at the blow job, master at riding . And I had a great time . Def coming for a return Leg

  added by  ma... for  Winifred on 10 May 2018

its surprising how you combine shell work with this,
let me start with wini’s pictures are real,exactly what I saw.
the connection was lit, good scent, lovely personality, she good at SQUIRTING.
I’m just sad you had to leave by 4am cause of work.
topping up your fees was worth it

  added by  Mi... for  Michelle on 09 May 2018

she is absolutely stunning. everything about Michelle is perfect from her beautiful face to her amazing body to her magnetic personality. not only was she amazing when we were in bed, she was also very great conversation and i couldn’t help but think about how gorgeous she was all night. she is truly lovely inside and out. if i could give her any more stars, i would. perfect.

  added by  Te... for  SexyEbony on 08 May 2018

This babe is not fine, looks like a village girl. No ass whatsoever. I wanted to give her transport to go back when she arrived but i said let me just nack. I hope i dont get gono b now from the blowjob she even stole my money on top

  added by  ke... for  Winifred on 07 May 2018

Damn!!!! winifred is every shade of fun, very spontaneous , exclusive conversations, she’s the correct definition of talk and do.
starting from the co-operate party, to domestic chores to the exclusive mind blowing sex, you were nothing but greatness, I could drown in that pussy juice you know!!!!! you really know how to take care of a man
thanks for your services (tight pussy girl). I did hit you up over and over again when next I’m in port harcourt .

  added by  Ob... for  SENA on 30 April 2018

Wow. Beautiful, irresistible, selfless, energetic, intelligent, chatty & fun to be around. Sena is like the Duracell bunny, just keeps going and going. pure bliss. The most astonishing, inviting pinkish pussy i have ever seen.

  added by  pr... for  Cynthia√ on 27 April 2018

shes great!! well spoken,, well mannered… squeaky clean… didnt rush the sex.. had to pay her more cause she was worth it… compared to the foul mouth, stank pussy, diseased girls you unfortunately meet up on dating sites, cynthia deserves her own special page.

  added by  Ma... for  Tea on 27 April 2018

Kuki is incredibly beautiful, soft spoken and very sexual. Absolutely wonderful time with a lady who gives so much pleasure. A real treat.
Great to just relax and chat after awesome sex. Thank you

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