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Lets talk about KHADIJAT being real, she is 100% real, that ass has one kinda unique shape, she sure do know how to suck well, a calm girl and beast on bed, It was her ass that first got my attention, later the reviews got my attention and I just need to confirm all said about her myself, meeting her I first in port Harcourt  thought so the ass is not that big, until she was naked and I was wowed, that ass is killing mehn, and it not just about the ass, she is good damn, she is a cool babe but beast for real on bed, and wow she is even more than that, anytime she stare at it your dick can’t help it than to rise, her doggy position is perfect, she is very strong, Very sweet pussy She is nice, calm and very crazy on bed, I will recommend her again and again for anyone in port Harcourt, I don’t fuck any escort twice, but KHADIJAT is someone I will as well want to fuck again

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