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Waoh….was a session! Still trying to catch my breath…lol. Excellent personality right from the texting back and forth…very positive and friendly vibes. Her passionate use of words was the best I ever came across here. On arrival, she was so gorgeous with the biggest & brightest eyeballs I have seen in a long while. It was fireworks from the get go. Gosh…I was struggling to catch up…lol. Of course ALL (yes, ALL…go check them out again!) menus explicitly listed in the bio and profile were zealously served in full to the max and without any reservation. No rush at all…Dedication to my satisfaction was at the very maximum. I got far more than I bargained for…lol (in a good way, of course) – I had to add a tip. I don’t kiss and tell 😀….can’t say much more but defy no regret at all, at all. Surely highly recommended and a sure repeat ASAP. No doubt, this is one of the hidden gems & finest here…hands down! Guaranteed great value! Enough said! Pls take good care of her….

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Thank you for taking care of me too 💋💋

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