Codedruns Exotic Mask Party


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s our honour to invite you to Exotic Mask party.

Adults Only Fun Filled Fantasies.

20 Gentlemen and 15 hand-picked, exquisite, well-groomed Escorts of finesse etiquette.

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s our honour to invite you to First Swingers’ party.

Adults Only Fun Filled Fantasies.

20 Gentlemen and 15 hand-picked, exquisite, well-groomed Escorts of finesse etiquette.

Well-furnished 5 bedroom Duplex villa.

Police Protection outside, Experience Bouncers inside

Assured privacy and protection.

No camera or video equipment present.

Exclusive DJ to create a groovy-soothing ambience.

All-inclusive- Drinks- Food-Snacks- Durex-

Private property, you can bring your own stimulant. We will not supply that.

Private Nurse on standby with CPR machine and Basic first Aid.

Chilled atmosphere- No rush, we‘ve got all Night to party.

Lots of sexual party games.

Opportunity to meet, mingle and play with sweetest escorts in the game.

Adults Only Fun Filled Fantasies.

Lots of adult sex game.

Chilled atmosphere 



Free mask on arrival


Lots of Adult party games.

 Are you ready ? 

Well, let’s get this party started !!

Date:  Saturday, 20th April,2019

Time: 3pm – 12pm 

Venue: Lekki phase 1

Gentlemen: 50k

Ladies        : 10k

Couples     : 60k 

 Or you Send payment to 

Bank: First bank

Account Name: Galaxy Rock Ltd

Account Number: 2032536911

And evidence of payment/ receipt to 

Admin whatsapp +2348173714967

Don’t hesitate to contact admin if you encounter problem using the system. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Additional information

Ticket Type

Couple (Heterosexual), Single Lady, Single Male

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Shipping Policy

Guess the Boob/Dick/Bottom

You need one or more contestants and 3 or more assistants.

The contestant(s) gets to see the assistants when they are normally
dressed.  The contestant(s) then have to identify who is who only by
touch of the part being guessed.  The assistants will uncover the part
being guessed so its bared once all the contestants are blindfolded.
if there are married/couples, then the contestant would have to
try to find their partner from among all the assistants.

Guess who or what
One person is blindfolded and bent over a spanking bench, chair, etc.
One at a time, each person selects an impliment and then gives the
person a swat.  The perons has to guess either who is swatting or what
the impliment is.  When they get the answer right, the spanker is out.
If the guess is wrong, they get another swat until they guess right.

OPTION:  The people are split into two groups, the recievers and
the spankers.  The spankee is blindfolded and then the spankers
select their impliment and victum.  Once the spankee guesses right,
the spanker selets another spankee until they have visited all
the spankees.

OPTION:  The spankee is selected randomly either by drawing cards,
rolling dice, etc.

Strip tease

if there are enough volunteers, you could have the volunteers do a
striptease.  All those not stripping get to judge the strippers.

Might want to have categories, such as best male, best female, funniest,

Wheels of fortune
You could do something like wheel of fortune, except every one playing
has to strip and put all their clothes in a box, when someone wins,
they get a randomly picked piece of clothing in the box, continue until
the box is empty.  Its up to people to negotiate with each other to get
their clothes back.

Funny Dress
Ask everyone to bring an item of clean old clothing.  

make teams of 3 to 6 people a team depending on number of people.
One person in each group is the 'store' dummy and strips.  The teams
then dress the volunteer only with the clothes they brought for the party.

An option would be to collect the clothes as people arrive and put them
in a box.  People would then get handed one article of clothing per
person from the box.

Once the volunteer is dressed, everyone votes on who is best dressed,
most interestingly dressed, etc.

another option would be to describe the rules and then ask who wants to
be the clothing dumies.  They then proceed in order to select the members
of their team and once the teams are selected the clothing is handed out.

another option is to blindfold the team members so they have to dress
the volunteer team member by touch.

Another option is instead of bringing clothing, each member of the team
has to donate an article of clothing that they are wearing.

Sex Scenario game
Everyone writes a short scene they'd like to do on a piece of paper
and all the papers are put in a box.  Everyone (or perhaps the selected
person) draws a scene and then picks a partner (or partners).  This might
be a reward for the winner of a previous contest.

And lots more

Refund Policy

Full Refund, Cancel any time up until 3 days to the party. Afterwards, Part refund.

Only 20 Tickets available.

Buy a ticket, you Nominate two escorts from to be considered for invite.

First come, First serve. Only 20 tickets.
Buy your tickets from

General Inquiries

6 Inquiries

  1. March 21, 2019

    Is the party holding on abuja too because some of us live in abuja

    Sorry , for now we have only this party planned in lekki. However, we do intend to expand it to other states very soon. 




  2. April 3, 2019

    Does the building have all this photos and a pool? Security how tight?

    Unfortunately we have lost the original venue we had in mind. 

    i have now update the ticket with the current venue we will be using. 

    Yes security is tight. two professional bouncers. 

    Secured premises, in lekki Phase 1

    Deposit paid down. 

    Ready to rock and roll

  3. April 8, 2019

    Can I book online?

    Absolutely, yes you can. 

    your qcode secured ticket will be sent to your gmail . 

  4. April 9, 2019

    Please you should organise 1 in GH

    In Ghana? Well that's a possibility . 

    If we have 10 confirmed orders for the event, we can quickly organise one. 

    We can also arrange a private one, for you and your friends if you willing  to fund it. 

  5. April 9, 2019

    When are you bringing this party to Abuja

    When we have received enough interest.

    We need a set minimum number of confirmed attendees to be able to organise it in any location. 

  6. April 10, 2019

    Hello Team,

    Please be explicit. Will there be real time sex (Banging) or just play?

    Yes, there will be real time banging. 

    It's a sex party.

    Pick a partner, find a space, put on your rubber , and have a home run. 

    Music party atmosphere. 

    Adult sex games. 

    E.g. 5 men will be blindfolded and 5 girls get to suck them off. 

    Vise versa, with men on the girls. 

    Stand man/ woman standing wins the game. 

    2. Naked musical chair game. 

    3, Men will stand in a line, with their dicks erect, chicks will be asked to hoop the dick. 

    Who ever hoop a dick get to enjoy the dick. 

    Then we changed for the girls games.

    .. this will be mega fun. 

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