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May 10, 2019 07:35  

[05/05, 14:10] Deleted Peace: Good afternoon admin

[05/05, 14:10] Deleted Peace: Please I want to delete my account because I have good testimony?

[05/05, 17:07] Codedruns: Go on share your testimony dear

[05/05, 17:09] Deleted Peac: First I want to thank you for the site, may God keep blessing you

[05/05, 17:11] Deleted Peac: So this guy chatted me up 2 weeks ago and told me he like my profile that he wants to help me with a job that he likes me too

[05/05, 17:14] Deleted Peace: But I was a bit skeptical that this guy might be a time waster because then he told me this in London for holidays that his coming back to Nigeria soon, to I got angry that this one wants to play with me

[05/05, 17:15] Deleted Peace: His not even in Nigeria and he's chatting me, so I told him I can't work, he shouldn't bother to give me work. So I was kinda rude thinking he was just gonna play with by saying he's gonna give me a job..

[05/05, 17:22] Codedruns: Go on please

[05/05, 17:27] Deleted Peace: So for me to be convinced his not time waster, I asked him to send me some cash as am broke and he did sent the money?

[05/05, 17:29] Deleted : That's when my mind start calming down, me and money? so he promised to do anything and pay my bills but asked me to delete my account as he can't share me with other men anymore

[05/05, 17:30] Deleted Peace: I don't told him I don't want to work that I have a professional because am a fashion designer, I make clothes for men

[05/05, 17:32] Deleted Peace: So he said his gonna introduce me to his colleagues so I can making clothes for them, and if I can really make clothes well then his gonna give me money to get a shop and have my own clothing line

[05/05, 17:34] Deleted Peace: So I was so happy about that, he came back to Nigeria few days back, and we met yesterday, he got me some nice stuff and designer perfume

[05/05, 17:35] Deleted Peace: We fuck like hell?? enjoyed ourselves and he still promising more things, asking me how I want the business to be

[05/05, 17:44] Deleted Peace: His asking me to delete my account that he can do all I want for me, his setting up my business soon and I trust him because he's a nice person...

[05/05, 17:45] Deleted Peace: Please help me to delete it, thanks so much for coded runs because it's has turned my life around...

[05/05, 17:46] Deleted Peace: I never expected this goodness so soon, thank you so so much really appreciate everything...?

[05/05, 22:40] Codedruns: Yea we will the server is currently down .

[06/05, 08:12] Deleted Peacel: Alright thanks

[09/05, 13:41] Deleted Pea: Admin please help me delete the account as people still kept calling

[09/05, 13:42] Deleted Peace: I don't want my guy to think I still see men from there thanks

[09/05, 14:47] Codedruns: Sorry, been so busy

[09/05, 14:49] Deleted Pea: Yeah am not coming back, thanks I really appreciate

[09/05, 14:57] Codedruns: Deleted

[09/05, 14:57] Codedruns: All the best

[09/05, 15:01] Deleted Pe: Awww thanks so much

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