[Sticky] How to Register as an INDEPENDENT ESCORT  


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September 7, 2018 16:44  

Click on the link and register as INDEPENDENT ESCORT

Check your mail for your validation mail. It would be in your spam. Might need to refresh your spam folder a few times .

After that, upload your photos, the more the better , but certainly more than one. 

Next , Upload a verification photo

How to verify your profile .

Login, scroll down , past reviews , should see profile menu.

Click verified status

And upload a photo of you holding a paper with your username and the site name Codedruns hand written on it.


After Uploading then contact admin to Activate your account

and contact Admin on whatapp +2348173714967 to activate your account.

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October 4, 2018 11:30  

Thanks a lot for this info

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