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Good Escort Practice  


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Good Escort Practice .

1) Have a separate phone number, on a cheap andriod as your work phone.

(2) Don't go see a client with more than your transport money, leave your ATM at home and if possible go cashless. Have enough credit on your phone to do online transfer to your taxify driver if you have to.

3) Activate you online transfer code. visit your bank to get your code and learn to do bank transfer.

(4) When you are with a client, and needing to go to the bathroom; to wash up or bath, go with your phone and bag. Left the bathroom open and be attentive while in there.
We have had instances were clients see it as an opportunity to run without paying.

(5)When you want to sleep, put your phone under the pillow and rest your head on it. (Please Not while it's charging )

6) Don't sleep before your client, let your client sleep before you. you can even pretend to be asleep to gauge his movement.

(7) when a client chats you up, after you both have concluded on price and hotel, ask about means of payment.
Cash or transfer ?
And remind him it's payment before service.

If he is paying by transfer, confirm the payment thoroughly, cos fake alert or flashing alert now exist. After the transfer, check your inbox for your bank alert and also use your bank code to check your account balance again to be sure it's not a fake transfer.

(8) Don't do video call showing your nude to a client on cam, some record it and use it as blackmail for free fuck or collect money from you. Is OK to do videocall, but always clothed. If they ask for pussy pics, and you reckon he is genuine , send him a close shot of pussy, and boobs, without your face on it.

(9) Only meet at a client's house - if he is staying in a good neighbourhood,
Or meet at a reputable hotel, with security. No friend's house, etc. At a friends house, his friend's could join in and gang rape you.

10)Before you go meet a guy in a hotel, google the hotel name and address,
check the cost of room, and don't hesitate to call the hotel and ask if such a person is lodged there.

11) Ask the client for name he lodged with ( most people don't lodge with their real name), call the hotel reception to verify if such a person is lodged there, tell the receptionist you are asking becos the hotel guest asked you to come see him. Ask the receptionist," I hope he has paid for the room? "

(12) Don't hit the road going to meet a new guy that chatted you up by 1am to come around. Or a late invite to a hotel, bar, restaurant or club.

13) Consider incalls ; let the client come to you. Its a lot safer. As long as your valuables and expensive phones are secured away, and no large cash is left at home.

14) Demand your tribute, (pay) with a smile (but be resolute) the moment you welcome him in and have Offer him a seat (if incall).

For outcall, demand your tribute, with a smile (but be resolute) the moment you are welcomed in and seated.

15) Always conclude and agree on phone; the terms of service, duration, services, venue etc, before setting off to see a client or inviting him over.

16) Remind him gently a number of times, during your initial conversation, it's payment before service. (Don't be rude, could easily put a client right off, be nice and sweet about it) Especially for first time client.

17) Visit Codedruns blacklisted clients to read about blacklisted clients.

18) when a client contacts for you, if you are not sure of him, delay rushing off to see him, speak to him and build a chat relationship first for a day or so.

19) Always go with your guts and instinct. If you have any reason to suspect a client, please don't go ahead with him.

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