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Escorting 101
Codedruns is a site in which an escort has a product to sell to a client who is potentially a customer.

It is the responsibility of the Escort to project herself to be attractive to the client/ customer. This you can do by ensuring that the pics on your page are sexy enough and your description is courteous to attract a potential customer/clients.

You don’t have to show pics with your face showing but you should show enough of your body to attract clients.

You would receive calls from various kinds of people and you need to be polite to all because you never can tell who is a big fish. Generally the big fishes would ask a couple of questions because they want to be sure of the kind of person they are meeting because they have options even outside of code runs.

Less than 10% of the calls you get are likely to be successful and that’s normal when you are selling a product or service you just have to be patient. Once you get a responsible client, treat him nice and he would likely leave you a good review.

Good reviews would attract other potential clients to you.

So Escorts the ball is in your courts, just as there are some bad people, there are many good people here same as you have in the outside world. Some girls have hit it big here.

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