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January 14, 2018 21:16  

Written by @Miss_Ajomale

See the truth is I don’t know how people get themselves into shit like this. Is it that you forget the future or you think God sleeps? Now a girl’s hope has been dashed and has double orgasmic trust issues.
The maid went on her knees and begged we let her go if she told us what she knew and so we pretended to agree.
She began her narration…
Ini, I swear I didn’t try to kill your mum but I know something you should know.
The truth is I had a mission here. ……
Two years ago, I was employed by a lady to monitor your mummy’s in’s and out’s. The woman suspected your mom was having an affair with her husband, but I couldn’t give her what she wanted because your mum was so secretive.
One day, she called me and told me she had proof that your mum was seeing her husband and she wanted me to kill her and if I did, she would pay me 1 millon naira and help me get out of the country.

It was a strange offer but the plan was soundproof, I figured I could start a better live elsewhere with the money but unfortunately for me, everything I tried failed.
She won’t let anyone cook or serve her food; she had special plates, cutleries and cups that she would rinse before use even after I have washed it. So bad the poison I was given lost its potency, I tried with fruits and it didn’t work.
Even the day, the driver cut her brakes, she refused to go out and when she finally went out, she took another car till she called the mechanic to come and check the cars. Nothing we did worked. Like she knew we had plans for her, it seemed like she had an informant who told her we planned to kill her, what I couldnt shake up was the fact that why wouldnt she sack me or get me arrested if she had anything on me.
Our final plan was to hire assassins to kill her but they said when they got here she was already dead. Abi so they thought.
So me I don’t know o.
We all watched with mouth open as she narrated the story to everyone. I felt like standing up to dish her a very hot slap, but then she slowed down and stared down the ground and said.
And the other thing that I wanted to tell you is that your mummy is not your mummy.
A new wave of silence gushed into the room, I was there listening with the “raptest” attention. This girl don kill me o!!!!!!

Do you remember one time, you and Toun went for one party in Ibadan? Mummy and me were at home, she drank plenty brandy and was saying she was sad and she hates her life.
She said she had stolen someone’s life and lived it has hers. I didn’t understand what she meant, so I gave her more brandy so she could talk more.
She said, she knew what I was doing, but because she needed to shed the weight of her chest and be free. She would tell me and I had to promise not to tell you or anyone.
She had met a man who just got into the country and was stranded because he had misplaced his wallet so she offered to help, but because it was late for her to drive from Ikeja to Ikoyi, she suggested she would take him home and in the morning, she would help him locate his hotel. They got to her house where she lived with her elder sister and parents but she assured him it was okay to stay.
He was obviously hungry and she wasn’t a fantastic cook so she called on her sister to help. Lara, she called her name. She said she was a very nice lady. She was any man’s dream, their father’s favourite child.
She said they looked alike, that’s your mum and her sister, but whenever they were out together, Lara got all the attention even from women. She on the other hand, would have to put in an effort to be noticed, she didn’t smile a lot or was very playful like her sister, but that was who she was and didn’t know how to change.
She came out to the sitting room to say hi to the stranded guest she was going to cook for. She walked towards him with a smile stretching her hands to shake him. Hello I’m Lara, my sister told me what happened, I’m so sorry, would go in now to get you something to eat. It would take say 45 minutes, but while you wait Fadeke would get you something to drink and munch on.

He stood there looking lost; she asked if he was ok? He got back his wandering mind and apologised for the long stare. I’m Adebayo Smith, sorry to barge in on you like this. I just came in from London on business and I think I left my wallet on the counter in Heathrow because I realized it was gone when I got here and wanted to check for the picture and information of the person to pick me up.
I looked out for someone with my name on a cardboard but found none, then I decided to look for a cab and that’s when Fadeke found me. I guess its fate.
Lara understood what was going on and so not to upset her sister, she cut him and headed for the kitchen.
When she came back with his food, he tried to make her stay, but she insisted it was late and she had to be up early for work. She worked in a bank and she had just gotten a promotion from the entry level and she needed to make an impression.
She was gone before he woke up; even their parents were not down yet. He placed a call to the airline to see if they had seen his wallet and if they could send it down.
On their way to ikoyi, all he talked about and asked about was Lara and her cooking. The more he asked and talked, the more upset she was. She had made a mistake and it was something she was going to regret. She needed to stop it but she didn’t know how. She didn’t know how to say, I like you and I want you to be mine. She didn’t know how to say forget about my sister and look at me. The only time he mentioned her was when he was checking –in to the hotel and he said “both of you look so alike, one would take you for twins, I’m sure you and I would make very good friends”. She nodded and left very upset. She wished she had never let them meet.

Weeks later, he came by the house to say thank you and offered to take them out and after then , he made their house his second home. He said he was going to be in Lagos for 2months, but it was four already, he had gotten a place in Town Planning, Ilupeju. Which is this house we live in, just so he would be close to them. At that time, it was rented but he later bought it for her when he found she was pregnant.
He told Fadeke he was going to ask her sister to marry him. She got very upset and jealous and made up her mind to break them up.
One day she was at his and stumbled on some pictures, it was of him, a white woman and a little boy. She figured he was married. She looked for other documents to use against him, but found his house address in London alongside divorce papers yet to be signed instead.
She wrote a letter and attached some pictures of Lara and him and sent to his wife. She had no Idea Lara was pregnant at the time. A week after she had sent it, Lara told her he had proposed and that she was pregnant but she had not told him yet. She advised her to get rid of it, what if he changed his mind? Plus she had only known him for 5months, now she was pregnant and he has proposed. She said she was happy for her, but she thinks it’s a little fishy and too fast. She saw reasons with her but she insisted that he wouldn’t and so she was going to tell him.
He walked in on them while they talked about her being pregnant. He was so happy he sang and kissed both of them on the cheek. They both thanked her for helping them meet and said they owed her.

She replied with she promises to make them pay. She had a plan; she had series of plans, just in case one didn’t work, the other would. She knew, he was going to start getting calls from his oyinbo wife and he would not want to forgo half of all he has and kids for one girl.
They had done the introduction of families but wanted the child to be born before they did a proper wedding. The word wedding made her cringe made her hate her sister more.
She was about 8months gone with the pregnancy when he came and said he had to travel back on business and would be back before her due date. Fadeke knew that was it, that was good-bye, but there was a child and that means they would still talk or see each other, after all, they claimed to be in love. It was time to think of a new plan, and this time, it was time to make her pay.
He came back a week to the child’s birth and waited for the child to be born before he told her he had to leave again, he had only come to see his child and say good bye. This got Lara very upset, she told him she never wants to see him or have anything to do with him again, to ensure that, she tore the birth certificate and threw it at him. I told her he would send child support and the child needs to come with him when she was 10. But Lara wouldn’t want anything from him. Even when you Ini started growing to look like your dad, she didn’t want to touch you cos you reminded her of him. But she loved you even more than her life and swore to take care of you on her own and never get married again.
Fadeke found a way to make your dad pay child support to an account she opened and claimed your mum had agreed to it.

When you were about two years old your mum said she had to go for her masters in the UK. Your grandma and your other mum convinced her not to go with you because she might not be able to combine caring for you with school.
She (Fadeke) figured it was time for another plan. She knew for a fact that your parents would somehow meet again and she couldn’t have that.
This time it was the journey of no return. She slipped a little cocaine in her bag while she packed. She knew if they didn’t arrest her here, they would hold her in London and she would be put a way for a while.
It was the next day after she had gone that they got a call that your mum had been sent back to the Nigerian Drug law Enforcement Agency to be tried and sentenced for the possession of drugs.
Your grandfather was a judge at the time, they made him preside over her case cause he had been a no nonsense kind of judge, he would reject bribes from even God if it were possible. She was sentenced to 7yrs with hard labour and was taken to ikoyi prison. It broke his heart that he sentenced his own child. Your grandma couldn’t stand him so she left the house. He and the eldest son who was a captain in the army were on their way to Abuja to seek a pardon form from the head of state when they died in a plane crash.
It was blamed on one of the drug barons he had judged and your mum was given the pardon. She got really sick form sanitary complications in jail, in addition to the entire trauma of the death of her dad and brother. She couldn’t recover and so she died months later.
The last thing she said to me that night was I killed my family, I’m living her life and now I even have her man. I sold my soul and got what I wanted and he doesn’t even love me like he loved her.

Now back to present time (Toun)
Ini sat and stared in shock, she was trembling with tears rolling down her eyes, and she stood up to walk towards the maid like she was going to strangle her. Olumide held her back and forced her to sit down. She was furious and suggested the maid had been lying. But the stories collaborate, it matches what Olumide had told us on Sunday night.
The maid said if we didn’t believe her, we could go check in her mum’s room and look for her diary.

Wow she kept one? And she still needed to talk to someone. Such cross people carry about. And in all of this, I still wanted to know why she never remarried or had her own kids. Well that’s a bit evident, she was waiting for her knight in shining armour, dear London boo…. Spits.
Ini had gone to look for the dairy. Folarin and my sister where dozing already. Well, wetin concern agbero with over load? We the involved were awake and in shock. I looked at my watch and it was 3am already. I went and sat close to Olumide and told him we have to lock her in a room or tie her so we can catch some sleep as we still had the police to deal with in the morning.


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