sex with my boss and the receptionist  


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i have always admired my boss ass but today she went from a boss and friend to a fuckmate
I had just gotten back to the office from a late lunch meeting with a senior client and was quiet please with how everything had played out. I was sure the deal was final and we were guaranteed some additional business here in abuja once all of the paper work was signed. I have been working as a sales associate for one of a top design firms for the past 2 years, I use to work as a draftsman when a position opened up and my boss taught I would be the right fit for the position since I had an understanding of how everything worked. I liked my old position but when the perks of a salesman was explained to me I understood why the other salesmen use to think they were better than us draftsmen. They got to go out to paid lunch meeting and trips with clients to bring in the jobs for us to accomplish.

Everyone was hard at work and I was on my way to get some done myself before the weekend started, I got to my office and after logging into my computer I went down to the shop to get some coffee to help me get through the rest of the day. I had a brief conversation with a co-worker and it was back to business. The screen saver was on when I got back to the office; I sat down and moved the mouse to clear the screen. After putting down my coffee I saw that I had an email from my boss instructing me to come to her office when I get back to the office.
When I got to her office she was on the phone, her chair was away from under the desk and she was looking down. She was wearing a dark colored skirt suit with jacket to match. The jacket was not buttoned and her shirt was exposing some cleavage. Her legs were spread enough that I could see slightly up her skirt, she was not wearing any leg stockings like always and I could see she was wearing some sexy white lace underwear. With all the moving around she must have been doing in her chair I could see the panties, I could not believe my luck, I have always found my boss to be a very attractive women. Every time she led the Friday afternoon meeting everyone was very attentive, I don't think I was the only one checking her out and here I am right now getting hard from just seeing cleavage and panties. she waved me over to take a seat and I did.
On her desk was a file with my name on it, the file looked alot like a personnel file but I couldn't imagine anything that could be wrong so I waited patiently for her to get off of the phone. She was now facing me and I could still see down her shirt, this wasn't doing anything but increase the my hardness I looked up and every time her mouth opened I pictured my dick going in and out of it, i could feel the wetness of pre-cum on the tip of my dick,a few seconds later Stella said goodbye and hung up the phone "Just got two more 5000 sq/ft jobs from Kaduna both next month"

"That's a good thing" I said, hoping the change in conversation was enough to break the tension and send my mind elsewhere.
"It's going to get pretty busy around here in the next few weeks" Stella said
"I could imagine" was my response remembering why I was here and hoping to get down to why I was called into her office
"How did the meeting go today" Stella asked
"I'm pretty sure we are on track for the job, just waiting for a call from his secretary"
"Good job Izzy , like always I can always count on you" she said with a smile
If I'm doing such a good job, why is my file on your desk I taught?
Stella reached over to through something in the trash bin on the side of her desk. When she leaned forward I got an eye full of her right boob when her shirt opened to show the matching bra I made out her dark nipple sticking up and some of the little bums around it were also showing. Her boobs looked amazing, so lush and soft, Stella sat back, looked down at her chest and pulled to straighten her shirt. She then straightened her jacket soon after but I really taught she was trying to bring her twins closer to me for a taste. Knowing that she was showing so much cleavage i really was expecting her to button up her shirt but it seems like she has gotten use to all of us looking her over. Her husband had left her for a younger girl The outfits she wore to work portray her strength and confidence as a successful woman but they always left a bit of sexiness on the side. Being one of the only two women in the office, she surely stood out as being the main lady.

"I received a call from cooperate office earlier today, it seems like they have been monitoring your performance over the years and have taking a keen interest in what you have done for the company" Stella said as she leaned forward and opened the file sitting on her desk. "A position has opened up in our Enugu office and Mr. Samuel has asked me what I think about you going down there and taking it over"
"What kind of position?" I asked
"An office management position" Stella said "It's one of our drafting offices and Mr. King is about to retire"
"I am honored that my name would be called for a position like that, but I have grown to call this office my second home. It would be hard to just get up and leave" I said
Stella sat back again and lapped her legs "Izzy over the years I have gotten nothing but good remarks about your performance and social presence in the office" She continued "I would be the first to say, you are like a son to me. You have gone above and beyond for this office; you have accomplished alot more than is expected of you. It would be hard for all of us especially me to see you leave but I know it is for the good of the company"
"Do you think this would be a good career move?" I asked
"I gave Mr. Samuel nothing but high praise, I cannot think of anyone else that would be suited for this position but you"

"With your blessing, you make it easier for me to make a decision; you have done alot for me over the years and now this. I feel like I owe you one"
Stella moved her hand down on her thigh; she traced the end of her skirt with her fingers. I could see she was thinking about it, "I won two tickets for a night out on the town but i don't have anyone to share it with, if you don't mine or if you don't have any plans I can use some company."
Stella looked up with a smile on her face "Dinner at Genesis club
"I didn't picture you as the clubbing type" I said
"I don't go out much myself"
"I have always wanted to go into genesis club for some time now, but never had the right company" Stella had a smile on her face
"So.... is this like a going away dinner and dance or a friendly night out on the town?"
"More like a night out on the town with a friend who takes the other friend out to eat" she said
By this time my dick had already gone down and I had forgotten about what I had seen earlier, I had gotten so relaxed I forgot I was talking to my boss. We spoke for a few more minutes when I heard the phone out in the lobby ringing and the receptionist saying please hold. The receptionist came knocking on the door to tell me I had a phone call.
"Thanks Betty" I responded
"Do we meet at genesis or can I pick you up at home" I asked Stella
"it would be easier for you to come get me at home, that way we can spend more time together...oh i meant, have more time to talk" I could see Stella starting to Blush after she said that.
It was too late, I had already picked up on what she was trying to say and I was liking were this was going. "Let’s say 7:30?" I asked as I got up and started walking to the door
"Let’s make it 8:00, so that I can get some extra time to look good" Stella responded. I think she realized I had caught on to what she said earlier and was just adding to it
I turned around before I got to the door and Stella had her chair away from her desk again, my eyes naturally wondered down and her legs did not disappoint.
"It's a date" Stella said as she saw me checking her out again but she made no effort to close her legs to hide herself
"Yes, it’s a date" I felt my dick coming back and I had to turn away not to expose it.
I closed the door as I left, somehow I felt she needed some alone time. Once outside I could see the receptionist smiling while biting on her bottom lip as she looked up at me and back down at her work. She knew what was going on even without being told. I got back to my office and took the call I had on hold.

Once off the phone I was able to get some work done, I looked up at the clock and it was about to be 3:30 pm so it was time for our usual Friday meeting. Everyone gathered in the meeting room, Betty came and sat next to me, this was the first time she has done that. She must be trying to rub in the fact that she knew what was going on between Stella and me; I never noticed how good she smelt. I leaned back in my chair as I started looking her over, Betty was a few years younger than Stella but a little more on the heavy side. Betty was able to still keep herself in good health, she had her long brown hair rolled up into one and from this position I could see part of a tattoo on her back but I could not make out what it said. I was intrigued to find out more and see what it was she was hiding. Stella came in and got straight to business, she started going over the numbers from last week and what we should be expecting to get next week. Stella sat down across the room where she always sits and allowed one of the other guys to come up and discuss anything new that happened this week. Everyone's attention was on the co-working standing and talking including mine, I felt Betty put her hand on my thigh and squeezed, I looked down at her hand then up to her face but she wasn't looking at me nor was she looking in the direction of the guy standing in front of the room. I looked back at her again, Betty squeezed my thigh again this time nodding her head in the direction of where she was looking, I looked over then back to her again, she was looking in the direction of Stella. I looked over at Stella and she was looking back at Betty and me with her legs now opened as far as her skirt allowed, with the thin material her skirt was made of made it possible for the light to shine through and expose an up-skirt shot only this time she wasn't wearing any panties.

I could see the wetness from her pussy sparkling in the light whenever she moved her legs, I could not believe the view I was getting, I looked up at Betty and she had a smirk smile on her face because she knew what I was looking at. She seemed to be enjoying this as much I was, Betty licked and bit on her bottom lip as she savored the view she was getting. I was getting a hard on just from watching Betty looking at Stella's pussy and licking her lips,what luck, can this really all be happening to me today. I felt like I was dreaming and i was about to wake just as things started to get good.
Betty realized her hand was now moving toward my dick, I saw her mouth and eyes open together, I bit my bottom lips from the sensation that went through my body and what happened next assured me I was not dreaming. Betty slid her hand up and down my erect dick through my trousers knowing now where my dick was she squeezed.I grabbed Betty's hand and squeezed it trying to ask her to please stop. Betty squeezed my dick again and for a brief second I had almost forgotten we were in a meeting when I heard everyone clapping.
Stella got up and asked "does anyone else have anything to add or else we can call that a day"
No one did so Stella said "thanks everyone, have yourselves a wonderful weekend and see you back here Monday"
Stella then proceeded to clean off the white board as the other co-workers headed out the door, betty released my dick. Stella looked over at us and smiled as Betty took her hand down off of my lap, she got up then leaned forward and whispered in my ear "meet me in the storage room" Betty smiled and left the room.
I stayed sitting as Stella finished cleaning off the board, "are you ok Izzy ?"
"I just got a muscle pull in my leg" I responded
"Do you need some help getting up" Stella asked
"No thanks, it will go away in a bit"
"ahh, I see" Stella said with a smile
"What do you mean by that" I said as I looked up at her
"I'll tell you later tonight when you pick me up" Sheela responded
"Can you at least give me a hint" I asked
"Nope, It would be better if I tell you tonight" Stella said as she walked out the door smiling. When she got to the door Stella dropped her pen and bend over to pick it up without bending her knees, I could not believe the ass on this woman, how have I not realized this before. I am going to fuck this pussy tonight; she has teased me for the last time. when I got out Betty was down the hallway waving me to come follow her as she went into the storage room. I closed the door behind me as Betty turned on the light.
"I overheard you and Stella talking about your date tonight and when you came out of her office I saw you had an erection" Betty walked over to me as she grabbed my trouser and start unbuckling it. "You must have done something to her because when she came to the meeting she wasn't wearing any panties and I knew she was when she came into work today"
"Did that turn you on" I asked as Betty let my trouser fall to the floor and started stroking my dick.

"You have no idea" Betty leaned forward and kissed me we kiss for quite sometime before betty went down on her knees and started sucking on my fully erect dick. She was sucking my dick so good, it didn't take long before I felt like I was about to cum, I grabbed her head and forced my dick down her throat as I cum in her mouth.
This day was only getting better and better for me.
Betty swallowed all of my cum and she kept on sucking my dick, about a minute later I was hard again.
Betty got up and asked "can you stick that big dick of yours in my pussy, Betty turned around and leaned on one of the boxes in front of her, as she raised her skirt I could see she wasn't wearing any panties. She must have taken them off after she left the meeting room, I used some saliva to wet the tip of my dick; I rubbed the tip of my dick along her pussy hole.
"Lock the door behind you, don't wanna be disturbed so I will try not to moan out load" Betty said as she spread her legs and looked back.

I had forgotten to lock the door so I did; I came back and rubbed my dick on her pussy hole again, with another drop of saliva this time straight on her pussy I pushed forward and my dick went into her pussy hole. It was tight and I could hear Betty moaning, I pushed in again and further in i went, I pulled out a little and back in I went. I started fucking her pussy in a slow rid dim and Betty was moaning softly every time I pushed in, I started enjoying the tightness of her pussy and started stroking a bit faster. Betty was bucking back on me every time I did, when she started matching my stroke I grabbed her by the hips and pushed in the rest of my dick and right at that moment I felt her shaking and moaning beneath me. She was cumming and cumming hard, I felt something wet splash up on my leg but I ignored it. I allowed her to catch herself before I started fucking her again this time with my whole dick up her pussy, Betty was trying very hard not to moan loud betty cried out "Yes, I'm cumming again" Betty legs started buckling beneath her and she almost fell so I moved my hand in order to hold her up,
Betty cried out again "Oh my God!" as she dropped her face in her hands. Betty's legs lost all support and she fell out of my hand, my dick slipped out of her pussy and she was now sitting in the stuff that came out of her pussy.
"then what was that I felt coming out of your pussy when you started shaking" I asked again
Betty swallowed and cleared her throat as she tried to talk "I squirted, and it felt really good. I, I never squirted more than once one after the other like that"
"Squirted, I heard of that but taught it wasn't real"
"Oh it real and you just made me do it twice" Betty responded
"Where asked, now really curious
"Now can we get back to you fucking me or are we gonna keep on talking" Betty asked as she got up off the floor and got back into position. I slipped my dick back in her pussy and this time it went in much easier than before, I bottomed out and started fucking her deeply again. I wanted to make her squirt one more time before I came, I grabbed her hips and started pounding her pussy even harder, I looked down and Betty was covering her mouth with her hand to try and muffle her cries of pleasure.
I felt Betty shaking again under me and I knew this time what it meant, she was about to squirt one more time for me, I kept the paste as I felt her tremble and squirting for me. I was beyond delighted, I got her to squirt three times for me and now I was about to cum in her pussy
"I'm gonna cum" I whispered as I leaned forward over her
"go ahead babe and cum in my pussy, I want to feel you cumming in my pussy" Betty whispered back
With that I grabbed her hips even tighter and forced my dick up in her pussy and held it there, I was cumming again. I looked up at the ceiling and closed my eyes to savor and enjoy the moment. I could feel her pussy milking my cock for every last drop, a few seconds later I was done cumming and I pulled out of her pussy. I held my dick and looked down at it for the first time and it was covered with some of my sperm, Betty stood up and turned to see me holding my dick.

Betty looked down to see what I was looking at, "would you like for me to clean that off for you?"
"sure, do you have a rag or something" I asked
"I have something even better" Betty responded as she lowered herself back down on her knees
Is she really going to do that? I taught, my dick was just in her pussy and she's going to put it in her mouth to suck it clean. Betty grabbed my dick with her hand and stuck it in her mouth and started sucking and licking it clean. I can't believe she cleaned off all of the smuck that was on my dick, even her pussy juices. Betty got up and cleaned off the sides of her mouth with her fingers then licked them clean. I reached down and pulled up my boxer and trouser as Betty fixed herself.
"I would have never guessed you were this freaky?" I asked as Betty finished fixing her skirt
"Theirs alot of things you don't know about me, maybe we can change that" Betty responded
"I always taught you were off limits, you don't talk much so I figured you had a man in your life"
"I would have to look it up but somehow I don't think that's accepted either" Betty fired back
"I bet, what happened to your panties?" I asked
"Oh, their somewhere in the office" Betty said
"Can I see you outside the office?"
"Not a problem, but you sure you will have time for me?" Betty asked
"I can make time for you; I have a really big bed and it more comfortable than that box"
"Won't you be busy with stella this weekend?" Betty fired back with a smirk on her face
"ahh, you heard about that" Betty smiled as she looked up at me "we are going out tonight but we didn't make any plans for after that" I said even though I knew it was going to be more than just dinner.

"How about I give you a call later tomorrow to see u spend time with me" Betty said
"Ok, that would be a good idea" I said "would you be willing to spend the night tomorrow?"
"let us see how things turn out tomorrow" i said
I opened the door slightly and then stepped out I looked out both doors in the print room and gave Betty the ok to come out. Betty walked pass me bit down on her bottom lip and looked down at my crotch and walked away. I got back to my office to close out for the day since everyone had already left.
I walked out to the front office and Betty was on the phone, she sighed after hanging up the phone and said "my friend’s car just broked down and she can't come and pick me ".
"Can I give you a ride home" I asked
"you promise to keep your hands to yourself" Betty jokingly said
"I promise to keep a hand on the wheel" with a smile
We left the office and off we went, we talked about alot of different stuff as we went along and about 30 minutes later I was pulling up at her apartment.
"I would invite you in but you got to go home and get ready for you hot date tonight" Betty said as she opened the door and got out
"We got our hot date tomorrow, so I got to go home and rest up for that" I responded
"If you say so, thanks for the ride" Betty said
"any time" I said
"and thanks for the lift home too" Betty said as she left smiling. After I pulled out I remember I still was contemplating taking the job and after what I went through today, they only made it harder for me. How can I leave when all of this is happening to me right now, I worked for this company for more than 6 years and now that I might be leaving I am finally getting some attention from the women in the office. It was me and my taught as I got home and started getting ready for my date tonight with Stella, my smoking hot boss lady that ask me out on a date.

I went down to the car to get my bag that I does take to work so that I could get my laptop out of it. When I got back inside I put the bag on the table and opened it to get out my laptop, instead I pulled out a pair of white lace panties with a wet stain, jessss I smiled and pictured where they were and who I saw them on earlier. So that's what she did with them when she took them off, I threw them on the table and got out my laptop. I reached back in my bag to get out the charger and again I pulled out the charger cable and a black pair of panties, I was puzzled as to who they could belong to. I tried not to think about it too much because I don't think stella would put two pairs of panties in my bag, I started up my computer and opened up my personal email. I had a few emails to go through but the first email was from Betty, I clicked on it immediately to see what it was about.
Hi Izzy, I don't know if you will be upset that I went into your bag while you were in the bathroom but I saw Stella sneaking into your office while you were in the break room so I was curious. I was pretty shocked at what I found when I looked in your bag that she had left open when she heard you coming, so to be honest I got a little jealous and decided to add mines to your bag ( jessssss see me see wahala) I overheard part of the conversation you had with her today and after seeing her panties in your bag I figured you and her were hitting it off even though inter office relations are not allowed. Since Stella is letting her feelings for you show then so will I today in the meeting when I see you I will have a surprise for you.
Yours secretly

The email was dated today at 3:25 pm just before we went into the meeting, now it all added up. I contemplated responding but since I knew I was going to see her tomorrow I decided to wait until then to talk about it. I jumped in the shower and started getting ready for my date tonight with Stella, I was almost ready when I went into the kitchen and drank some cold wine (pure heaven) because I knew I was going to need that extra push tonight. I finished getting ready and off I went, I had never being to this part of town, I immediately felt like an outsider. All of the houses in this area were pretty big and well kept the street that looked as good as the first day they were paved, you got to be strapped to live our here. Stella's house did not disappoint, it was the only one on this side that was gated, as I pulled up I pushed the buzzer and the gate opened. I looked up and saw the camera so she knew it was me, I pulled up to the front expecting her to meet me at the front door but instead the garage door opened. I stayed put for a few seconds and then the lights above the garage door flicked on and off twice so I took that as a sign to pull my car in.
I got out of the car and the garage door closed behind me, I walked towards the open door on the other side of Stella's car, I could hear talking and music coming from inside the house. I didn't think she had company over, I immediately taught it was her son and she wanted to introduce him to me. I got as far as the door frame when i was floored by what I saw. On the sofa in front of me was Betty laying back naked as she was born with another female in between her legs eating out her pussy, she had one hand on her boob squeezing her nipple and the other one on her partners head.
Betty looked up and said to the person eating her pussy "look who's here"
The person looked around and to my surprise it was Stella. I was still shocked to see Betty here and then to see her getting her pussy worked over by another naked female was giving me a hard on and now to see the one doing the work was her boss and mine. I realized they were actually working together to throw me off and boy did they succeed.
Stella waved me over and I understood the saying 'like a kid in a candy store'!! to be continue!


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Men should have finished the story 

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