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passionate evening  


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January 14, 2018 21:37  

So last night Rosie and I may have had the best sex we ever had...
we started by watching some porn. rosie likes to let her fingers wander as we do this, stimulating her clit as she watches. we chose a sexy video and she got to work straight away. i glanced over to her, her eyes fixed on the pretty blonde getting fucked hard as i felt her legs twitching next to me, her fingers working over her clit as she began to pick up the pace. Bang. her body began jolting violently as she looked into my eyes, her gaze glassy as her orgasm took hold of her body.

i immediately created space and brought her to the edge of the bed. kneeling on the floor, i buried my head between her legs, sucking gently on her clit as my tongue brushed up and down, side to side between her wet lips. her hands grasped my hair, pulling me in closer as her breathing became erratic and her flat tummy began pulsing as her moans grew louder while i continued eating her out. another orgasm ran through her body...her fingers gripped me harder as i felt my mouth and chin get wetter, juices oozing from inside her as she struggled to regain her composure.
all of a sudden, she leapt forth and pulled my underwear down. with a sensational desire, she grabbed my throbbing cock and wrapped her lips around it, both hands on the shaft twisting in a downward movement as she sucked hard. i stayed on my feet barely, my hands on her shoulders as she kept sucking to my delight.

i couldnt take it anymore and gently pulled her off, and brought her legs up to my shoulders. with one full crash, i plunged deep inside her wet pussy with my cock. she let out a solitary moan before i started thrusting with urgency, hard and deep inside between her juicy wet lips. all rosie could manage to say was 'oh my god oh my god oh my god baby!' i hadnt seen her like this in a long time. she was a hot wet mess, biting her bottom lip to stop from screaming as her moans grew very loud and i decided to spin her round. looking at her gorgeous ass, i started fucking her so hard her was buried in the sheets, her fingers gripping the bed as her pussy tightened around my cock, and as she let out one last moan and her body shook again, i pumped a hot thick load deep inside her. i collapsed onto her. her breath was in my ear as i kissed her cheek. she managed a half smile as she simply said 'oh my god that was amazing.'
it really was...


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