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I knock on the door with the horse whip handle, impatiently waiting to start my fun. I tried to peer down the corridor to see if there was anyone around, I see a man trying to open his door. He begins to smile but his eyes went round when he saw the whip, switch blade and spikes in my heeled boots. His glare turns to my face and I extend my irritated glare on him, he fumbles with his key and practically ran into his room.

I stare myself in the mirror opposite the end of the corridor and I smile. My black knee length leather jacket is unbuttoned to reveal the leopard print bodycon dress I have on. My six inch heeled boots have spikes sticking out of it with a zipper shaped like a skull hanging on the side. My hair is fiery red, I have a hair pin sticking out from it like a needle. I have made my face up to match my mood, it was dark and Gothic with lashes that can make for a weapon. I wrap the horse whip around my wrist as I tapped on the door again. He has decided to be a brat after all, I smile to myself. Only a brat of a sub would leave me out for this long. I hear the key turning in the lock and when the door flings open, I kicked the door as hard as I could. He goes sprawling on the floor as I go inside and lock the door behind me.

He tries to get up and I kicked him back down.

"How dare you leave me out there for that long, you cheap fucktard!" I say as I pin his face to the floor with the heel of my boot. He struggles to adjust himself but his discomfort was my joy so I just pinned him down even further. He stops struggling and just take his pain like the unworthy little piece of trash that he is.

I remove my feet from his face and order him to assume his position, he quickly crawled to the corner of the room with his face down. I look around and admire his dress. He is to dress up for today. I had chosen royal blue sequined short gown and a four inches heel to go with it.

"Where is your wig?" I asked the scumbag and he tells me he forgot it. I walked up to him and slapped him so hard he rolled over and hit the bed but quickly resumes his position. I unwind the whip and begin to punish him. I removed the switch blade from my boot and I use it to tear his cloth off his body. I could see the specs of blood coming from the places the knife had pricked him but i don't care.

His pain is deserving, he squirms as I gently nug him with the knife. I see his tears and I bend down to lick it. His eyes are red and his dick is hard. I laugh as he begins to roll over to submit his pathetic manhood to me to pacify. I grab his cock and begin to drag him back to my seat. He follows me as quickly as he can, still on his back.
I'm sure he doesn't have the chance to brace himself because when the side of the laddle landed on his balls he cried out in pain. He tried to run but I pin him down with my boot on his laps as I wrap the rope tightly on his dick, he screams.


I smack his mouth with handle of the horsewhip, he knows better than to beg me. A worthless piece of garbage like him knows begging only angers me more. I tugged at the rope and tied it to the edge of the chair as I placed the chair across his body with only his head and dick visible. I tie his hands and his ankles as he begins to shiver with excitement. I love vanilla candles, the scent just turns me on. I light the candle and begin to drop the wax on his naked body.

"Who is worst of all scumbags?" "I am, Mistress!"

"Useless slowpoke." "I am, Mistress."

"Piece of shit." "I am, Mistress."

"Who owns your pathetic life?" "You, Mistress."

"Who is the owner of your body?" "You are, Mistreas, you are."

Each response is rewarded with a glorious hot wax. His dick is so hard I can break things with it. I begin to play with it between my boots. His balls dance around the ropes as my boot crushes his manhood. He is sweating and shivering so much and I am enjoying every bit of it. I grabbed his legs and tied it to the back of the chair and his arms to the seat of the chair. I step back to admire the sight. His head drops backward as he struggles to keep it steady for me, he often tries to show me how macho he is. And I os always my pleasure to make him suffer for that show of arrogance.

I watch as he struggles and fails to keep it up, i laugh at his helplessness. Maybe I should reward him now, so I grab his head and inch up gown to reveal my cunt to him.
"Are you thirsty?" and then come the golden shower down his perched throat and all over his sweaty face. He begins to swallow with relish and obedience.

When I am done, I fling him away and he goes down with the chair, but he still struggles to get back up to the original position. I untie him then and allow him to rest for a while as he crawls back to his corner. I sit down and begin to smoke. I can see him eyeing me with longing but I ignore him. When I finish, I begin to prepare my leash by rubbing cayenne pepper on it with my latex gloved hands. Pepper on wet skin is a combination that brings joy to my heart. I like when I make him masurbate as he watch me masurbate with a plug in his butt and pepper on his skin, while tied up.

"Hey, rug muncher, come here," I say as I fasten the leash to the belt. He hurries over on all fours as he stretches his neck out to me, his hand on his hard dick. I slap his hand away from it and poked him with my hair pin.

"Never touch that thing unless i say so." He nods quickly as he whimpers like the sad little dog he is.

I need to teach him a hard lesson, it is time I introduce him to my other persona. If he thinks I am scary, he should meet KANDYKANE.

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Your customers are in for a treat..


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