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My friend's ex  


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January 14, 2018 21:13  

I just stood there watching her work her magic on herself. she only noticed me when she reached orgasm. I looked at her and she looked back smiling she said ‘’do I prefer to just stand there and watch or come up to the bed to join her’’ I would love to enjoy both actually was my reply to her. At this time she was already in a sitting position steering at my stiff dick with so much longing which was slightly covered with the towel wrapped around my waist, I was about heading to the table in the room to pour myself a glass of wine and then join her on the bed when she attacked me like a wounded lion going for a kill. She put my already stiff dick in her mouth sucking on it like her very existence depended on it, the inside of her mouth was so cold (just d way I like it) this sent a mad sensation all ova my body. I grabbed her head with my hands and urged her to continue, trusting deep into her through as I kept the rhythm. She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her, my dick was totally submerged in her mouth. At this point I started to feel my balls twitch; I grabbed her head stiffly as I began to pour stream and stream of cum into her mouth. She sucked my dick clean of all cum. As I bent down our lips locked and we started kissing, my hands got around her and I lifted her up as I found my way to the bed. I dropped her gently on the bed and my left hand went straight for her pussy which was already drenched in her cum. As I slide one finger in, a loud moan escaped our locked lips and she started sucking on my tongue, my other hand found her already hard nipple and I started to twitch it. With this she spread her legs wider and I slide in another finger just then she started to jerk and held on to my fingers as I drove her to another orgasm. just then I stood up from the bed and went for the ice rack which accompanied the wine and in quick secession I returned to the bed. On getting to the bed she bulked her body closer to me and her hard nipples ended up in my mouth, as I started to suck hungrily on it I gently placed the ice on the other nipple. This got her moaning with great pleasure as I continued. I started to descend down her navel with the nearly melted ice in my mouth, my hands where paying attention to her boobs. She held on to my hands and kept moaning, the moaning grew louder as I touched her pussy lips with the ice. I sucked on her clit like my live depended on it at this time the ice had already melted leaving my mouth very cold, her moaning increased as I tongue fucked her. She started to say something which I didn’t get clearly she held my head very strongly on her pussy and began to jerk wildly. I knew she was about to cum, I continued sucking on her clit when she yelled my name pleading with me to come fuck her now. As I moved back up, I suckled on her boobs some more and slowly I found her opening and started to insert my dick slowly. I didn’t go all in but she grabbed my ass checks and pulled all of me into her. She in turn let out a soft moan and whispered into my ear that I should fuck her, she spread her legs wider as she started to suck on my ears. This got me really high as I increased my speed and she kept yelling yes’’ yes’’ yes’’. In about five minutes my waist started to get a toll on me as I do have a little waist problem, so I sat on the bed, held her by the hips and drew her close. Her legs were spread across in front of me and I could see her cute pussy, the pussy I had always fantasied of fucking even when she was going out with my friend but didn’t say anything about it. I reinserted my dick into her honey pot, use my hands to hold her waist and I started to fuck her crazily in my most favorite position ‘’the magpie’’. She held onto the bed to be able to keep up with my thrusting. I began to get close to my orgasm just then I told her to turn and she did, I inserted my dick and fucked her doggy style. This I did for about five minutes and my balls started to twitch again. I asked her if she wanted to ride me cow girl to which she said yes. She started to ride me cowgirl and I must say it was the best ride of my life. I pushed myself forward so I could get a hold of her, my arms where round her back and my lips were busy sucking on her boobs, Just then she started to scream my name saying I was driving her crazy and she wanted to cum that I should build myself to cum with her. A couple of thrust more we both exploded. We were locked in a tight embrace when she whispered into my ears thank you for the best sex ever, that no one had ever fucked her the way I did. We stayed still for the next ten minutes and she started to thrust her hips once more I only held her In place and in about ten minutes she was already building to another orgasm, this time she started to kiss me deeply as she exploded and sprayed her juice all over my legs.

She unlocked herself and went down on me again, sucking my dick and cleaning all the mixed juices with her tongue, I pushed her off and went down on her to, this time we were locked in a 69 position and we just kept at it for a while. She reached another orgasm in this position and so did i. I broke off the position and laid beside her kissing her and fondling with her boobs, she reached for my dick and began to stroke it. We were both tired but didn’t want to stop as we could not have enough of each other. As I started to suckle on her boobs she started to tease her pussy lips with the head of my dick, stroking them up and down, she guided me into her honey pot just when she felt my dick was wet enough with her juices to start the slippery journey down her honey pot. We started a slow thrusting movement and after a while she reached orgasm and I too followed. We slept like that till the following morning with my limp dick in her pussy.


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