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January 14, 2018 21:06  

very early on a cool Wednesday,My mum prepared and left d house..same with my
little sister
who left for school..
After like an hour and half, I heard a subtle knock
D door of
my house..
“Who be dat” I asked curiously
“Na me mama Nkechi.. Open dis door. Jor”
I dey come” I answered sluggishly?
I opened d door and met her..with a single wrapper
and a simple
“Y u no cum again na?”
“I been dey wait for u since na..”
She said with a wink..
” I dey wait make everybody comot for compound
before I come”
I replied..
“Oya I dey wait for u o come sharp sharp”
Turning around, I saw her Bottom again.. Damn!! My
dick turned
on d ignition..
I quickly tidied d room, looked around d compound
for any
suspicious movt, den I dashed to her room..
Immediately I got in, I met her absence.. But saw a
middle aged
woman in a pink top and black skirt..
“Good afternoon ma” I said..
“Comot dat ma jare”
“Come siddon for here” she said tapping d cushion
next to her..
From d bedroom, I heard mama Nkechi?s voice..
“I?m don come”
“Yes o.. I?m dey here” her mysterious friend
I studied
the woman very well.. She was dark averagely
blessed with a wonderful body.. Her bosoms we?re
not too big,
but firm and erect.. Flat tummy and from we?re she
sat down, I
couldn?t notice her Bottom..
I kept mute.. Waiting for their next move.. Out flew d
curtains and mama nkechi appeared.. Unclad as a
new born.. I
took time to review d God given gift of flesh
in my
before.. Face was sweet, but inconsequential? Her
bosoms a
little saggy just like egg rolls on her chest.. Her
tommy potruded
a little. As a result of multiple child birth and to
compensate her
large Bottom.. Her legs overlapping in fatty, sweet,
flesh.. Needless to say, I was turned on..
“Do u like wat u see?” She asked
I simply knodded..
“Well come and take it na..”
By dis tym her friend was undressing quickly.. I
wasn?t sure I
was up and enough for dis.. I stood.. Dick hard as a
rock, walked
over to we?re she stood.. And kissed her.. She
I pushed her against d wall..zipped down my fly and
inserted it
in between her legs and pushed in..
“Yeeeeeeeh” she drew a short breath
“So early?” I wasn?t a fan of patience.. I bleeped
reckless abandon.. Her friend obviously Unclad
to me from
d back and licked my earlobes..I paused.. That was
spot! I withdrew from mama nkechi and faced her
friend.. Wat I
saw was d shocker of my life.. The biggest Tip I av
seen.. It
was as big as d cover of a marker.. Erect and
Choi.. I
instinctively. Went for it.. Sucking from her bosoms
like I was
looking for crudeoil..she was a loud woman..
“Aaaaaaaaash” “e don tay”
I paused.. Before dis woman go shout for all d
compound to hear
make I stop..
Mama nkechi sensing my hesitation, explained y..
“Dis my friend e don tay wey man touch am o”
“Since her husband die 2 yrs ago nobody don reach
“Make we go inside bedroom make people no hear
us.. Thus
said, d two women, Unclad led me to d bedroom..
As soon as we got on d bed, ther attcked me..
nkechi went
for my dick while her friend was allover me..
sucking my
tongue rather.. After sometime they switched
positions.. Mama
nkechi?s Bottom and weight was too much so I
demanded my
“I wan Bleep.. U hard”
Her friend on hearing this quickly obliged..
“Make I first Bleep am..” She said shyly..
I held her in my arms and gently laid her
down..spread her legs
missionary style and penetrated her..
I can?t begin to describe wat I felt.. Tightness,, well
and hot..
“chaii” I didn?t no wen I shouted.. I couldn?t help
it.. Der was
no time to waste.. No slow pace.. I bleeped her..
and hard..
As I looked down @ her during d Bleep.. She was
looking straight
into my eyes.. Lust and pleasure allover?she pulled
me close to
a kiss..deep french kiss.. It made d pleasure triple..
managed to
break away from her to see dat she was crying?
Telling me
“i swear I love u”
“chaiiiiiii I cant do without u”
“My toto eh.. Jhissss.. Bleep my toto”
“Bleep me Gooooosssssh!!!”
She suddenly held me and as I looked down at her
Kitty-Cat, it
gripped me..milking in peristaltic movements.. And
her fluids
poured out like a tap? D lubrication brought me to d
brink.. She
knew I was abt 2 cum..
“Release for inside my toto”
“I want make u gimme belle”
“Bleep till u release”
Mama nkechi wasn?t helping matters.. She was
sucking my
Tips.. I didn?t want to cum.. But somewhere in my
brain, a sharp
impulse sent down signals to my balls and d entire
sperm army
of my genitals rushed out into her waiting Kitty-Cat?
I gave
her.. And gave her.. And gave her.. And calmed
She kissed me deeply.. And said
“Thank you” I saw d seriosness in her eyes.. It was
look of both
lust and love.. I was satisfied.. As I turned my
attention to mama
nkechi.. A familiar voice rocked d compound?s
silence.. It was
my sister shouting my name..
“Precious.. We?re dis boi come lock door carry key
I remained stiff.. D 2 women with me? Though a
little afraid, I
knew she was harmless.. My kid sister trusted me
“Who be dat 1 wey dey ask of u na?”
It was mama nkechi.. Who was a little dissapointed
about d
“Na my sister” I said.. Sweating..
“Wetin she want?”
“I hold d key for our house.. She wan enter house
“Ooooh” she was angry..
My sister didnt help matters.. She kept calling my
name.. Just
wen I didnt no wat to do again, mama nkechi
dropped a
“U no dey comot here today o”..
“Wer d key dey?”
I pointed to my knickers? She collected dem,
opened her door
and beckoned to my sister?
“Deborah.. Y u dey make noise like dis for
“I dey find my brother.. im don lock me for
outside..” She
innocently replied..
“See una key here.. im talk say I?m dey go see
uncle for
tunkarimu side”
Such a perfect liar.. I sighed deeply.. Knowing how
gullible my
sister was,she would believe d story hook line and
“Thank u ma ” she replied, collected d key and left..
nkechi waited for her to go, locked her door and
came back to
meet us in d bedroom..
“That wan na small tin na”
“Na im make u con dey fear?”.. I was grateful for d
cover up..
And relaxed to notice her once more.. She came to
me on d bed..
Pushed me and lay on top of me..kissing me
wandered to her Bottom.. I held dem in my tiny
hands.. Caressed
dem and massaged dem.. She adjusted, kissed all
over my neck
and chest.. Going down to my navel.. Down to my
groin.. She
wasted no time to get down to business.. In went
dick and
her mouth swallowed it.. I responded..
“Hmmmmmmmm” By now her friend was
practically feeding
me her bosoms.. One by one.. I cud barely get enof..
As she
breastfed me, she manipulated herslef..
“Ooooouch” “suck me baby”
“U dey make my toto wet” “chaaaaaaaai”
“gosssssh”.. I wanted to venge my intimate anger
on a Kitty-
Cat? I was rock hard from d tip licking and teasing
nkechi was giving to my dick..
“I wan Bleep u”.. I declared boldly. It seemed like
she had been
waiting for d words.. Like a flash she dropped on all
fours near d
edge of her bed.. Alighted and took a good view of
her Bottom..
Fatty, soft, and remarkably chocolate.. Her 2 holes
were painted
black.. Making dem easy to display. I said a short
prayer of
lust and plunged into her sweetness?
“Uurrrrrrgh” “yeeeeeah” we both moaned in duet
of d newly found pleasure: I loved d way her
Bottom. Bounced
wenever I went in and out; Her Kitty-Cat
hot and
slippery?but was as sweet as. Goodygoody..I
her.. She
moaned? The pleasure of her flesh was too sweet.. I
looked at
her Bottom, looked at her entire body.. This woman
was a
goddess.. And she was giving me her godly body?I
pulled out
and stopped? She turned instinctively?
“Wetin happen na?” Why u stop?”
I didn?t no how to put it, so I said it blankly?
“I love you”? She smiled..
and down I went and fainted.


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