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April 30, 2018 22:11  

the first thing Kira noticed when the lady looked up was her lips. She had full thick lips and just when kira was beginning to think of ways she could manipulate those beauties, our eyes met. She gave me a half smile before looking away. I turned my stare to the man beside her. He was Caucasian too with his skin showing a tan history. He had blonde hair with grey highlights. He was a stunning man but his eyes looked sad. I was beginning to wonder when the lady whispered something to him and he stood up, he picked up her cup and came to where I was seated. 

"Hello. My... my..."

"Mistress..." He looked up instantly as hr nodded slowly. 

"She said to tell you that your nipple is showing," he finally said with embarrassment on his face.

"I know. Be a good puppy and go tell her that," I said. The man smiled briefly buy walked away. He whispered to the lady who laughed out loud buy refused to look at me. 

I waited for them to finish their meal and just when they were about to pay the waiter, I walked up to them.

"Hello. I'm Kira. You are?" Kira said as she took her seat beside the man. The lady starred at the man then at kira she said something in German and the man shifted away from kira. Kira smiled and pulled towards him again. Then she placed her hand on his crotch. 

"Please leave..." The man said. Kira began to squeeze but the lady swatted her hand away.

"How dare you?" She said with anger on her face. Kira started at her and leaned in. Her palm fell on the lady's bear thigh and she flinched.

"Say it again," kira said as her hand travelled up the lady's short leather skirt. Kira could feel her shivering. The man shifted back but kira placed her left leg on his laps. Her hand found the vulva of the lady and she practically flew out of her seat and out of the restaurant. Kira starred at the man. He looked very confused. Their bill hadn't been paid and she'd run off with the purse.

"Don't worry. I will pay, give the little hopper this note."

It read, "Boston b&b. 9 P.m. both of you should wear nothing but a jacket."


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May 1, 2018 00:50  

Bully mistress ?

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