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October 19, 2018 16:09  

I just came back from a parole now.

He said we’d meet from 10am to 8pm. We agreed on 40k.

He was nice and all. But I started noticing some shady things about him. He started faking calls around 4pm... after we don go like 3 rounds.🤦🏾‍♀

He said a friend was coming to see him that I should wait, I refused..very politely... and said I’d rather go with him that I’d be bored. Na so we wait for bus stop for almost 40mins dey wait for imaginary friend.

He then went to the ATM. He said ATM no gree pay. Already he was already fidgeting. Me I already knew what was up... I started disturbing that he should just kuku transfer the money from the ATM, no way.

I had a soldier friend nearby, I called him to come and help me resolve the issue. Na so my guy pick race. 😂😂😂

Ordinarily I’d have allowed him go because me I don’t like embarrassment. But just on impulse... an instant something, LOL, I chased after him. Lmao. Be like film.

As I couldn’t reach him I started shouting “Ole! Ole! Ole!”. That’s how people held him. I swear if not for the fear of God in me I’d have allowed them beat him black and blue. They’d already gathered, one poured him water.. they were ready to beat him to death. I asked them to stop. They did and asked for narration.

Omo! How I wan take tell them say him fuck no gree pay?😂😂😂 most embarrassing day of my life. 😭 that’s how I said it the way I could. Lol.. some laughed. I don’t blame them sef. Two egbon now came and took us inside vigilante building..

Anyway after every every the yeye guy said he would not pay 40k and showed us that what he had in his account was 16k.☹🤦🏾‍♀ he transfered 15k because he gats leave 1k for account.😂😂😂😂 my God.😥😥

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