Alaba Rape  


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November 20, 2017 22:34  

One idiot called me in Alaba 30k,i got there very late 11pm.the guy collected my phone ask me to do online transfer to his unless he will stab me to death.which I did

[How much?]

150k +15k that I have with me

Im new to lagos, I was thinking Alaba is like Ikeja here

The guy beat me and rape me on top but he used condom

I was thinking Alaba is like island

It was horror moment to me

The guy changed something in me.
The incident calmed me down and I accepted God back to my life

but im back here becos he is the only bad person i have met, which is like 1 %. There are far more generous nice gentlemen on the site.

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December 3, 2017 12:25  

Sorry dear.

Try to be careful next time and always make sure you go with minimum cash. That is, transport, food, and emergency cash. Shouldn't be more than 10k. Also, carry a simple phone such as an Nokia and avoid going with your ATM. In case you run into trouble, take a cab and go straight home and pay when you get home. Be safe

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