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Registration Date: March 11, 2019
Last Login Date: April 5, 2020
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21 years old Female from Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria
Hi 💗✨
I’m Aisha💅🏻 I do video calls only. I don’t do hookups 🤧
5k for 20 minutes
4K for 15 minutes
3k for 10 minutes
2k for 5 minutes

I moan in all video calls 🔥😋

I could also record a video for you. Something for you alone. Either you want me to slowly shake my ass in the video or you just want to see nipples or a wet vagina just for 2k 😍.
Basically if you want a girlfriend experience recorded video. Like how your girlfriend would make sexy videos for just your eyes only you tell me what you want to see and how you want it to be.
I could make a nude/sexy dancing/twerking video for you. 15 minutes for 4K or 5k airtime (optional)‼️ In order to verify if it’s not an old video you could tell me a particular color of underwear (bra&pant👙) to be worn.


5 minutes recorded nudity/masturbating video for 2k airtime
10 minutes recorded nudity/masturbating video for 3k airtime
15 minutes recorded nudity/masturbating video for 4K airtime
20 minutes recorded nudity/masturbating video for 5k airtime
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25 reviews
Bust sizeMedium(B)
LooksUltra Sexy
EducationUniversity of Abuja
Sexual orientationBisexual

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English language and french:Fluent

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COF (Come on face)
Dinner Dates
Watching football
Beach parties
Attending corporate parties
Preparing a meal

Extra services:

Sex chats, erotic nudes/videos for 5k


1 hour5000 NGN10 NGN


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  added by  Fe... for Aisha on 13 January 2020

This is literally the best video call session I’ve had 😭💓. Its even better than physical hookup. With aisha You can have video calls nothing above 5k. I do video calls everyday. Before I go to bed and during break time at work. Its like a girlfriend experience. I can just literally hit her up on WhatsApp babe I want to see this part of your body and all 🙂🙂. I’m very well satisfied with this escort

  added by  Bu... for Aisha on 22 December 2019

Aisha is the best thing that has ever happened to me as a person. The way she talk, act is highly matured and never to forget, she is the best in town in video call sex and at a very affordable price . Try her out then take me later. I wish I can have her every day of my life

  added by  Sa... for Aisha on 05 July 2019

I never believed in online hookups till I joined this site Aisha was the first profile that caught my attention so I decided to try her out we video called I the best video call with Aisha. Quality and affordable. She’s a very nice lady ❤️❤️❤️

  added by  St... for Aisha on 22 May 2019

I met Aisha and she’s exactly what all the reviews described her to be. I just decided to meet her out of curiosity . She came and she’s just exactly as what I saw in pictures even better talkless of the good smash we had . I don’t see anything fake about this escort.

  added by  Ba... for Aisha on 20 May 2019

Incredible. Homely and best you can ever think of. Highly recommend

  added by  Em... for Aisha on 19 May 2019

Aisha, at times the good eggs needs to shine out so a lot of people can see how true and sweet it is so as to pull down the bad eggs. I’m writing this to you cuz you are as real as you everyone had described you… I love your tongue ? damn!??? are you some kind of sex witch. Won’t lie I almost fell in love with you. Thanks for being nice to me. We cuddled till early hours in the morning. You are so peaceful and calm, so much peace of mind when a man is with you.. I would give you a million dollar to come over again and again.. I’m going to surprise you Aisha… something big is coming

  added by  Fa... for Aisha on 13 May 2019

Normally I don’t really like sex so much or should I say I don’t actually value it, I do it for fun and relaxation, it was like my recreation activity… So I kept on doing what I do best call a girl over fuck her and pay her off… Until I saw this one I didn’t really know how but she’s indeed beautiful and sexy and saucy and she smelt so yummy at the same time, so I was astonished and all that let’s caught the long story short I went in for a shower as I normally do before having sex. Then there’s she came in with the other towel wrapped around her,then when she got to the bathroom she dropped the towel on the floor and walk up straight to me then she pushed me to the wall side, that’s when the real, passionate, hot, heart warming kiss started a kissed I haven’t felt that through out my years with a woman she made me feel like a man, I felt every part of her, and then she sucked me, till I got fucking hard. Then she fucked me, every way she fucked me I felt pleasure. she is the best

  added by  Na... for Aisha on 01 May 2019

I really need to settle the admin for having such an awesome escort here. I’m an extremely busy man just recovered from a divorce ? including the break down and all that. A female friend told me about codedruns so I came here read like four reviews from different girls when I stumbled on aishas profile with about 17 reviews I called her. She sounded quite and very polite… We negotiated I was really surprised when she even said 15k for her short time when other ladies here call 40k 50k for short time. She came over dressed very sexy, she’s fluent in English, has a very nice feminine voice, smells nice ⚡? and all… She kept smiling and looking at me ??? like this girl literally always has a smile on her face even when I told her that I don’t have cash here but I could drive down to the ATM she trusted me and kept calm… We made love and believe you me I felt really satisfied she doesn’t just fuck like oh you are going to pay she makes it well satisfying she sucks your nipple there’s this style she did she turned while riding on me and fucked me and she kept saying spank me…
For once I felt like a young dude again full of energy and everything I paid her 50k just for a short time she was so happy she hugged me and said thank you!!!
So guys in essence if you are going through stress, divorce issues, marriage conflict and you just want to be happy just call my Aisha.. she’s not aware I’m giving this review but I sincerely I have to share my testimony. I won’t be coming on coded runs to get any girl when I have Aisha to smile at me and fuck me to sleep?.

  added by  Na... for Aisha on 25 April 2019

I’m a female who couldn’t control myself, I was always horny…even my dildo couldn’t help me stop, I was uncontrollable then I found Aisha on this page. I couldn’t help but wonder why I couldn’t satisfy myself with my dildo so I decided to call her over to my place it was far from hers but she came anyway,so when she came I didn’t know what to say neither did I know what to do I was kinda shy and also speechless her beauty was something else, her smell I would never forget it was like I was being controlled, she was talking to me but I couldn’t hear her cause I was wondering and staring at her gorgeous shape she was one in a million, then smiled.. That even got me the more,she noticed what was going on then she dropped her bag came close to me and she kissed and touched my body like never before, she touched me in a way I couldn’t resist her.. And then she got her fingers down in between my legs…. Damn ghost pimples came all over me as she fingered the life out of me, I moaned like crazy I just couldn’t stop anymore… She unlocked that beast part of me as I pushed her on my bed then got on her we kissed and kissed, then she rolled me over.this time she was ontop she put her fingers in my pussy again and fingered me so hard,then her tongue came in,waw she was so good at it she sucked and liked my pussy, she tongue fucked me till I cummed all over the bed,but she didn’t stop this time around she was unleashed she began rubbing my pussy very fast dat I became very wet again then she took of her clothes, I swear she was even more beautiful than I thought, so clean,so sexy, so hot, so saucy, so juicy… Then I wanted her the more she spanked my ass, I didn’t know when I screamed “fuck me mom” then she began tongue fucking me and I couldn’t control myself anymore, she was now in control and it really felt good she spanked me and spanked me over again…. Then she turned me over spread my legs then put her pussy against mine and began rubbing them against each other, she rode on me like crazy and the more I moaned the faster and harder she rode, I was moaning loudly and she too was moaning it was like paradise as she fucked me all night long I couldn’t help myself that night I cummed severally and then she cummed….it was a night I couldn’t forget. I didn’t even want to let her go but she had to leave, she was more than a Pro… I love to call her the pussy eater cause the way she ate my pussy I never imagined someone could do that to me…. I’m looking forward to hooking up with her again when I’m chanced

  added by  Zi... for Aisha on 24 April 2019

After my first sex with Aisha I couldn’t just stop thinking of her sexy look. That her ravishing beautiful face, her juicy sweet boobs and her lovely saucy pussy. So I decided to call her over to my place again…it was a really cloudy day that I started wondering if the weather would permit her to come over but she decided to come and fortunately for us it permitted her to come, so we first went out for lunch then we decided to stroll back to my apartment since it wasn’t so far, on our way home the rain began we had no other choice but to run home. We were so messed up and wet by the rain… we got to the parlor and suddenly there was this sensation between us, ten we started kissing,as we kissed it rained heavier….then she went down to my penis kissed it and started messing with it. Then the blowjob began, it was cold and the more she gave me the blowjob the more it got to my brain I moaned and then I raised her up kissed her then we fell on the couch..then I started with her boobs, I licked it so bad that she moaned with her angelic voice…then it only motivated me to go her pussy,then the real moaning started she grabbed my head so close that i was suffocating but i just couldn’t stop hearing her moan and moan then suddenly she cummed on my face I licked every piece of it and spit it back on her pussy then she held my punishment and put it into her pussy…. Damn! It felt so warm and sweet then I started fucking my way through her as she moaned… Her pussy so tight that I wanted to cut. Then I stopped then continue only for me to hear her scream “harder baby” I then went fast and hard she cummed again and it became sweeter the rain pouring heavily, we switched positions for several minutes ,I also cummed but I couldn’t stop it was too sweet….. I never fucked for so long before but with her it was different and yummy that we fucked all day…..I swear she’s the best

  added by  Da... for Aisha on 23 April 2019

The night I spent with Aisha was superb , she’s so beautiful and elegant.
She made me forget my worries the whole time we were together.
Great sex,great head with diverse styles. I recommend her a 100%. She’s the best.

  added by  Bo... for Aisha on 19 April 2019

This beautiful young damsel here, really gave me a wonderful, pleasurable time really and she came out clean, fresh wet and juicy, the head of a thing was one best I’d ever receive and I always hope that soon enough when am back in lagos I’d always call her all over and all over the night.

  added by  Pr... for Aisha on 18 April 2019

Ahhhh how can I forget that day,i met Aisha in a group chat where we hooked up, I was really impressed with what I saw but even more impressed when I got into the room with her I never felt so good in a long time she made me enter the clouds… She was a fucking good cowgirl, she rode me like I was a horse….i never believed I would ever moan so loud and nice but she made me moan that day.
The taste of her pussy is one thing I’ll never forget it tasted so nice, it was really saucy and yummy and when she moans it makes you wanna eat her out, I never wanted to stop sucking as it was really juicy and till today I would never stop thinking about her…anytime I see her online I get horny cause I tend to remember that day and I am looking forward to hooking up with her again

  added by  Jo... for Aisha on 18 April 2019

Aisha is just a perfect lady for a perfect guy, she is naturally endowed with everything, her smiles, her boobs and pussy .. The first time we met it was an amazing experience did I forget to tell you that her lap dance is actually the best??, she is a real good kisser and very good with her ass and boobs. Can wait to have another taste of your body and cum on ur massive tits????

  added by  Ra... for Aisha on 31 March 2019

Aisha is fucking good, guess the guy that gave the bad review was just trying to spoil her good reputation.
I was referred to this site mainly because of Aisha and since have started making out with her, have never being disappointed, is it for her spotless super sexy natural body ? Or even her professionalism in what she does ? ?
Trust me she is everything and all my friends I referred to her on this site has never for once complained of a fault. Aisha, you are the best ?

  added by  Ka... for Aisha on 30 March 2019

I’m still breathless from the mad rump we had this afternoon, Aisha is tha fucking bomb! From when we had a little argument while the Uber was trying to locate my place to she apologising by making me the best Egusi soup I’ve tasted in ages, then the sex was maaaaaad. This chick sucked the very life out of my dick and balls till I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, then we watched TV and did I mention that she’s got brains too? She’s everything mind-blowing packaged in one sex body. I’ll definitely see her when next I’m in town, maybe we’ll just be locked up indoors the whole week, I’m willing to pay whatever. I forgot all my challenges with Aisha and she even gave me a practical suggestion which I’m going to put into good use.

  added by  Th... for Aisha on 30 March 2019

She is an amazing rider,I literally don’t cum quick,she grinds so bad,at first I thought she was like just an another girl who make mouth and stuffs like that. But when we began fucking ,she rides like a fucking pornstar,she sucked the life outta my dick,then I bent her over and fuck her well,while I was spanking her big ass, she’s a good fucker,anytime I’m around in Abuja ,I’ll always call her ,I really enjoyed her service

  added by  Is... for Aisha on 30 March 2019

When we first met i thought she was a novice but this girl is on fire??. The way she rides and gives head is just on another level and fuck she is a good cummer.she is just to perfect ??

  added by  Mi... for Aisha on 30 March 2019

She came by 7am this morning. Best short time I had with you aisha literally cummed twice at once and was still erected

  added by  OZ... for Aisha on 30 March 2019

Aisha is just the best!! She came to my place looking stunning everything about her is real. Did I mention she’s also funny? She listened to everything I had to say, we spoke about my childhood her childhood talked about a lot of things. She gave me a full attention and a very naughty lap dance.
I recommend Aisha for life!!! You are the best sweetheart

  added by  Da... for Aisha on 29 March 2019

she’s awesome

  added by  Ng... for Aisha on 29 March 2019

wow.. Still reminiscing bout the last sex I had with you..cant get it off my head.. You are really the best…. Glad to meet you..

  added by  Ol... for Aisha on 29 March 2019

She’s fucking good I really had a nice time with her which happens to be the best sex I’ve heard in a long time her positions are incredible she’s just the best

  added by  Ha... for Aisha on 28 March 2019

I had the best night with aisha…she’s fucking beautiful…This damsel gave me a naughty nice lap dance…
And she’s always cheerful,full of energy and fun…Best girl so far I’ve met on this site

  added by  pu... for Aisha on 18 March 2019

your dream girl just a phone call away….

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