Our esteemed gentlemen, owing to fraudsters making a runner after service, escorts now demand tribute before service. No Exception.

Clients are EXPECTED to provide transportation upfront, after confirming escort with a video call. Please do not hesitate to report any Fraudulent Escort.

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Em... wrote:
I guess she wasn't interested cuz she wasn't interested. What's wrong with that? see the review
Bi... wrote:
Arranging a meeting with Sharonwet was a breeze. After verification, we finalized a time and she asked about special requests. I said come as you want to seduce me - and she surely did. The proverbial little black dress with flesh-colored thong - wow! We hit it off immediately - it was really easy to build chemistry with her, sweet pussy. The sex experience was just wow! I miss you badly see the review
Li... wrote:
Very expensive but classy, everything slow and steady, with sweet fragrance.. she knows what she’s out for .. speaks so well.. she has this big boobs that I can’t get off my mind , she made me fuck her big boobs b4 fucking her warm pussy... this is my first time of fucking a working class lady, her IQ is so high... I guess she’s sex starved because of the way she breastfeed me while riding m... see the review
te... wrote:
Definitely worth the money see the review
Da... wrote:
Sweetest slave I have met with. Tied her legs and hands up and fucked the hell outta the bitch. Her pussy was very sweet, had her all to myself. It was a mind blowing experience. she is such a wet bitch, I and my friend love this bitch. We Fucked her for hours and she was still dripping wet that’s was so surprising,her asshole is tight and sweet We came so many times cus her pussy was so cre... see the review
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