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Th... wrote:
Real photos. and amazing great sex. Made sure i cum fully before cutting the call ❤️with her sweet soft moans.i Enjoy her gist on phone...funny gal. Am Absolutely in love with ur can of person. sweet.! chocolate what a Great Sex video call I appreciate for ur time ...from Mr thankGod see the review
bo... wrote:
[DISPUTED] She's a scam and most likely a boy pretending to be a girl...I repeat don't send her tfare...that's what she's after. She doesn't pick call and she's always deleting her account , and restoring it back. [ADMIN RESPONSE] Could you stop harassing this young girl. She is FULLY VERIFIED. THOSE ARE HER REAL PHOTOS. She has a right to see who she wants to see. Unfortunately, she d... see the review
nn... wrote:
I'm not into too much sex but when I see a fine p**y na die. Babe kill me with that p. Very clean, nicely shaved, no bad odor whatsoever. I smelt it and she was looking at me weird like wtf. Never had oral with an escort before until last night where we did 69 together. Overall, I had a wonderful experience. see the review
To... wrote:
So I call imasweet this morning for a short rest wow it’s was awesome I had a great and beautiful moment with her nice body,nice look and her boobs and pussy was wow❤️❤️I mean she made me forget about all my worries at that moment 💯🙏🏻Thanks baby you real deserve what you requested for ❤️❤️You worth my money and time 💯💯❤️As for me she’s the best escort ever ... see the review
Le... wrote:
Amazing sex godess.She's unique see the review
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