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Co... wrote:
Wow I never experienced squirt with chioma. First time we met she was really good but yesterday she was all over me and was dripping wet and squirted all over me... I felt because I paid more this time I just Don't know but sincerely i never felt this way all my life. I experienced the service of a very intimate girlfriend. I really like and want to date her , have her to myself. My sexy damsel it... see the review
Uc... wrote:
Fake review , Fake lies see the review
Br... wrote:
James was money well spent, knew the right places to touch and the right things to do, his stamina was on another level and he made me feel comfortable throughout the time we spent together, he gave me orgasms that had me shivering all through the night, I'm definitely calling you again, xixo see the review
Ma... wrote:
Called Max based on his reviews and asked him to come meet me at island. Max came right on time. He's indeed tall and slim, cute, matured, very free and i must say he is a demigod. Had a very great time with max, he gave me multiple orgasms which i haven't had in a long time. Worth every bit of my time and money! Wish i could just make him fall in love with me and have him all for myself. I Love y... see the review
Mi... wrote:
she is great company. met with her a few times and she is great to talk to, but above all, she is amazing in bed. she is open to a lot of things and any man that can be with her is very lucky. five stars aren’t enough. see the review
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